A Look Back At My Best Purchases of 2021

A Look Back At My Best Purchases of 2021

A Look Back At My Best Purchases of 2021

As I look back on my best purchases of 2021, it’s a bit hard to narrow down my favorites. I ended up choosing a range of items like my high frequency device and supplements which helped me take control of my breakouts, shoes for walking around the city, and comfy designer sweats. Here are 20 items that I’ll be using in 2022 and years to come.

A Look Back At My Best Purchases of 2021

1. Adam Selman Sport Hi Rise Sweatpants ($125) – As much as I love white sweats, I was a little hesitant to purchase these because of their price tag ($125) and the fear that they would stain easily. But once I tried on these high waisted joggers and saw how they’re the perfect blend of sporty and chic, my fears went out the window. I actually haven’t worn them yet, but when I do, I plan on wearing them with my purple David Bowie tee, Doc Martens, and maybe a denim jacket

2. Nourison Passion PSN01 Indoor Area Rug ($150) – As Billy and I were moving into our first apartment in NYC, I contemplated throwing out our teal and white rug. It felt a little outdated and it looked like it had been through a lot (which it had). However, I decided to keep it because the holidays were approaching and there wasn’t time to search for a replacement.

In the spring, I began my hunt for a new living room rug which was something I dreaded. To be honest, I love shopping for home decor but when it comes to rugs it’s almost like I get a mental block. I can never imagine what is going to look good in my room. After I came across this boho version, I knew it was the one. It’s even more beautiful in person with vivid shades of golds, pinks, grays and blues and really brightens up the room.  

3. Stacked Skincare High Frequency Acne Device ($130, $111) – A couple years ago when I was getting a facial, the esthetician used a device on my skin where I felt a slight tingling feeling. The sound that accompanied it was a buzzing noise that can only be described as a mosquito coming in contact with a bug zapper. She explained how the device destroys acne causing bacteria deep in the pores rather than at the surface level. Fast forward to this past summer when my skin began acting out. As soon as the weather got warm and I started spending time on the beach, my skin protested in the way of breaking out. Every few weeks I tried new products (Paula’s Choice, Mario Badescu, Lancer, Boscia, to name a few) with each seeming to aggravate my skin even more. 

Fed up, I thought back to this magical device and Googled “facial device buzzing acne” and a ton of results for high frequency came up. I started reading other peoples stories and recommendations and purchased one by Stacked Skincare. (I also opted to try the Epidermal Growth Factor Activating Serum, an alternative to retinol that’s designed to boost cell turnover and heal blemishes.) So far so good with both; my breakouts have diminished and my skin tone is more even.

4. Safavieh Enrica Floor Lamp ($330, $225 and take 20% off) – Another decor change I made after moving to NYC was switching out our silver living room furniture and replacing it with gold. I moved our floor lamp and end table into the bedroom (where I knew it would go with our silver and gray furniture) and purchased a gold lamp with a white shade.

A Look Back At My Best Purchases of 2021

5. BLANKNYC Baxter Ribcage Faux Leather Pant ($98, $59) – For months, I had been looking for a pair of flattening faux leather pants. I’d order multiple pairs weekly, hoping that one would be a hit. After about 10 tries, as soon as I put these on I knew they were the ones I’d been longing for. The cut is flattering and surprisingly the length works. I’m 5’4” and these hit right above my ankle.

6. Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Cleanser ($32) – To say this past year wasn’t good for my skin would be an understatement. Throughout 2021, I purchased more skincare products than in the last five years combined. It felt like every few weeks I was trying something new only to end up disappointed. I decided to try Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser because I was looking for something gentle, yet still effective. It’s made without irritating fragrances and removes all traces of makeup while also getting deep down into my pores.  

7. Doc Martens Sinclair Leather Platform Boots ($200) – Last year, at this time I purchased a pair of AllSaints combat boots and thought they would be my go-to shoe of the season and seasons to come. After I wore them once I just couldn’t get used to their look but it was too late to return them.

When autumn approached I started searching for a versatile combat boot and kept coming back to these Doc Martens. Since I’ve bought them, I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve incorporated them into an outfit. I mean they go with pretty much everything in my closet–leggings, jeans, sweats, you name it. I do have to note they took a little getting used to since they’re a little heavy. However, after I wore them to walk around the city a few times they broke in easily. 

8. Series 6 Apple Watch ($427) – My Apple Watch was one of my biggest purchases in 2021, and by far the most useful. On January 1st, I made it a priority to get back to living and eating healthy, which was something I struggled with during the pandemic. I joined a gym and began tracking my daily workouts. Almost a year later and this accessory rarely leaves my wrist. I wrote about how I incorporate my watch into my lifestyle and then I also detailed my favorite apps along with the reasons I love them.

A Look Back At My Best Purchases of 2021

9. Ninja Fit Single Serve Blender ($60) – When we lived in L.A. Billy and I used to make protein smoothies regularly. Somewhere along the way, we kind of fell out of the habit (and lost our blender). Last January, after spending the holidays splurging on unhealthy sweets, I made it a priority to get back to living healthy again. Of course, incorporating protein smoothies into my diet was one of many ways (you can read the rest here). I purchased a good quality blender that wouldn’t take up a ton of counter space. Then, I ordered protein powder (in vanilla cake and chocolate fudge) from my favorite online health food shop Unicorn Superfoods. 

10. Flash Furniture Shaggy Dog Accent Chair ($99) – For years I wanted to replace the black and white chair that I bought when I lived in my first apartment in Santa Monica. It wasn’t comfortable to sit in and acted more as a place to keep mail, keys, coats, and purses on the way in and out the door. When I began upgrading our living room area, that chair was one of the first things to go. I ended up buying two white faux fur shaggy chairs and I absolutely love them. The beige legs match our floor and I feel like the white really ties everything together. 

11. NCLA Mermaid Tears Vegan + Vitamin E Infused Cuticle Oil ($18) – This spring I was looking to purchase a cuticle oil to keep at my parents house in Connecticut. (I try to keep a supply of beauty products there so I don’t have to travel with so many.) Being a huge fan of NCLA, I discovered their mermaid tears version which was pretty fitting since I’d be applying it at the beach. 

12. Topshop High Waist Straight Leg Jean ($74) – Finding a perfectly fitting pair of jeans has always been a challenge. I’ll literally try on 30+ pairs before I’ll settle on one that I like, and that’s what happened in the fall. As I was getting ready to visit my parents I knew we would be doing some sightseeing so I looked for a darker hue to welcome in the fall (my favorite being gray tones), that was cropped and comfortable. I settled on this affordable Topshop high waisted version and couldn’t be more stratified with my purchase.

A Look Back At My Best Purchases of 2021

13. AFRM x Revolve Floral Zion Dress ($128) – For my Birthday this year, Billy and I went to The Palm Court inside The Plaza for afternoon tea. After Billy booked it, I promptly ordered a new outfit for the occasion. Between the dainty puff sleeves and floral print, this dress by AFRM is the most flattering silhouette I’ve tried on recently. 

14. Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream ($32) – I’ve tried a ton of eye creams in my life, from affordable brands to super pricey ones like La Mer and I have to say, this Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream rates at the top of my list for a few reasons. At night, I’ll apply a retinol serum and then I’ll layer it by gently placing this on top. Because of it’s super-thick consistency, it feels like it’s helping to push the serum deep into my skin. In the morning, if I wake up with puffy eyes I apply this and my eyes no longer look tired. I’ve also noticed that it helps with fine lines and wrinkles. 

15. Modern Life Utility Table ($350, $168) – After Billy and I moved into our new apartment this past summer, we were looking to purchase something that would hold our printer while giving us extra storage space. I discovered this white and gold utility table that doubles as a place to display coffee table books and candles, while holding a drink or two. Our couch is royal blue velvet and anything gold looks stunning next to it. 

16. AllSaints Ryder Cotton Jogger ($99, $69) – Comfort is a part of my everyday winter style and with that said, I clearly have a thing for joggers. They can be dressed up with heels or dressed down, pairing them with sneakers or boots.

A few weeks ago when I was shopping for denim at Nordstrom, I tried on this version from AllSaints and fell in love with the cut. Prior to that, all the joggers I tried on bunched too much at the ankle and the legs were too baggy. I love a loose fitting pair of sweats but I feel limited in what I can wear them with which is mainly sneakers. These, however, fit perfectly and wearing them with my Doc Martens has become my go-to relaxed (but still put together) outfit right now. 

A Look Back At My Best Purchases of 2021

17. Iridescent Trinket Shell Dish ($10) – As soon as I saw this mermaid shell dish, I had to have it for my beach house bedroom. It sits stunningly on my nightstand and holds my everyday jewelry. The rainbow iridescent glow is certainly vivid especially when the light catches it. 

18. 525 Distressed Sweater in Toasted Almond ($118, $83) – As soon as fall approached I was on the quest to find an autumn-inspired sweater. What I mean by that is that I was looking for something in a shade of tans, oranges, or neutrals. Nothing super heavy because as the seasons transition on the East Coast you never know what type of temperatures you’re going to get. As soon as I saw this distressed 525 sweater in toasted almond, I ordered it. I ended up wearing it right before Halloween when my family and I visited Essex Connecticut

19. Golden Goose Superstar Glitter Low-Top Sneakers ($560) (similar version here and here, and a more affordable version here) – I purchased a pair of glitter Golden Goose sneakers in neutral tones so I wouldn’t be limited in what I could wear them with. The silver and white pair I bought are sold out but I linked a few similar ones along with a more affordable version. 

20. Hum Daily Cleanse Detox Supplement for Skin + Body ($26)  – I mentioned trying a new face wash and incorporating a high frequency device into my skin care routine. I also decided to take it one step further by adding a daily cleanse detox supplement in hopes of controlling my breakouts. I figured why only treat them at the surface level? Why not from the inside out?

These contain 14 powerful ingredients like chlorella and spirulina which are known to eliminate toxins that cause breakouts. To be honest, I started taking these around the same time I began using my high frequency device, so I’m not sure which one I should credit; it’s probably a little of both.

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