The Best At-Home Anti-Aging Beauty Devices

The Best At-Home Anti-Aging Beauty Devices

The Best At-Home Anti-Aging Beauty Devices

It seems like every day there’s a new anti-aging device on the market. They promise to reverse the hands of time or they claim to offer the same results that you can find at a dermatologist’s office or spa, but do they deliver? To be honest, more often than not, they don’t.

These gadgets cost hundreds of dollars, and after using them for the recommended amount of time, you see nothing. With that being said, not all are created equal. There are at home anti-aging beauty devices that *actually* do what they promise to do. We’ve rounded up 12 of them and answered some basic questions like what does the device do? Who is it for? How do you use it and how often? When you can expect to see results, and more. Of course, results will vary, but if you’re looking for an improvement with breakouts, cellulite, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles or other issues that come with aging, we have you covered.

What does the device do?: As we age we lose volume and color in our lips. The PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System helps to boost collagen and give your lips a youthful appearance.  

Skin concern(s): Fine lines and wrinkles, and loss of elasticity and firmness in the lip area.

How do I use it?: Apply Smart Lip Plumping Serum and allow it to absorb for 60 seconds. Firmly press the plumping tip onto your lip to create a seal. Use the PMD Kiss on the six sections of your lips. Allow the device to pulse for 10-20 times on each section. If you’ve had lip injections or implants, don’t use the PMD Kiss for 30 days and consult your doctor. 

How often?: Daily.

When will I see results?: In a study done for eight weeks 91% of participants saw an increase in volume, 81% felt their lips looked more youthful, 76% saw a boost in natural lip color, 75% experienced a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, and 100% saw visible results that lasted over two hours. 

What’s included?: A PMD Kiss device, two changeable plumping tips (small and large), Smart Lip Plumping serum, and USB charging cord.

Anything else I should know?: Don’t apply the Smart Lip Plumping Serum to the skin surrounding your lips because it may cause temporary redness and flushing.

What does the device do?: The seven LED lights penetrate deep into the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue giving your skin maximum benefits. Each color has its own purpose. Light blue—calms and helps with skin allergies; white—revs up tissue metabolism; blue—kills acne causing bacteria; green and yellow—soothes and reduces redness; purple—boosts lymph metabolism; red—helps collagen production and enhances blood flow. 

Skin concern(s): Acne, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, and hyperpigmentation. 

How do I use it?: Place the light shield over your cleansed face and set the timer from 10 to 60 minutes. The attached remote allows you to change the LED color and adjust the brightness.

How often?: You can use it daily and cut back to once or twice a week after you see results. 

When will I see results?: After just one session, your skin may appear brighter and smoother, but it can take several treatments to see a substantial change. (The company offers a 60 day money back guarantee.) 

What’s included?: A LED photon mask and goggles. 

Anything else I should know?: There are a few different ways to use the mask. There’s an adjustable strap to hold it in place, but if it feels uncomfortable, you can use it without the strap. Also, if you don’t want the mask resting directly on your face, use cotton to create a barrier.

What does the device do?: This 24k gold vibrating sculpting bar makes your skin look more plump, contoured, and toned. With regular use, it can restore elasticity and loss of firmness, and you’ll see a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also a game changer for waking up puffy and tired eyes. 

Skin concern(s): This one is targeted for all skin types. 

How do I use it?: With your favorite serum, slide the bar in an upward motion starting at your jawline. There are various techniques depending on the area you’re sculpting.    

How often?: The sculpting bar can be used daily. It’s suggested you spend five minutes on each targeted area. 

When will I see results?: Right away.

What’s included?: A 24k gold sculpting bar and travel pouch. 

Anything else I should know?: The gold bar’s vibration has similar results to a facial massage which helps to relax facial muscles and release tension.

What does the device do?: The first at-home, FDA-cleared microcurrent device works on smoothing the appearance of dimples (aka cellulite) and sagging skin.

Skin concern(s): Loss of firmness and elasticity, and uneven texture.

How do I use it?: Start with clean skin and apply a thick layer of NuFACE Gel Primer over the treatment area. (For the best results, it’s suggested you spend five minutes on a specific section, like the back of your thighs, rather than spending it on a broader area.) After turning the device on, you can pick your intensity level. Begin by sliding the device in an upward motion until you hear a beep (five seconds). For stubborn areas, hold it on the area for two to three beeps which will administer a more targeted treatment. When the device turns off (after five minutes), massage the rest of the gel into your skin and move onto the next area. 

How often?: Daily.

When will I see results?: In a clinical study, participants used NuBODY for five minutes daily on a targeted area. They did this over a 60-day period and 92% reported an improved skin tone, 84% said their skin appeared firmer, and 80% said their skin looked smoother. 

What’s included?: A NuBODY skin toning device, NuFACE hydrating gel primer, user manual, and power adapter.

Anything else I should know?: The microcurrent technology is designed with four treatment spheres that deliver a powerful flow of microcurrents to your body. With continued use, this improves the look of cellulite by creating a smoother and more even skin tone.

What does the device do?: It provides the same results as a pricey in-office microdermabrasion treatment. The PMD uses patented Spinning Discs, which are embedded with aluminum oxide crystals. They work by exfoliating and removing dead skin cells to reveal a glowing complexion.

The vacuum suction is what’s behind an effective microdermabrasion device. It improves circulation and prompts your skin’s natural healing process resulting in a boost of collagen production.

The PMD also helps your skin absorb products better. When you remove the top layer, serums and elixirs can penetrate 20 times deeper.

Skin concern(s): Fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, dark spots and a dull complexion. 

How do I use it?: With your free hand, pull your skin tight and move the PMD in an upward motion. Don’t make more than two passes over the same area. Once you’re finished, apply a toner to neutralize the pH balance and a recovery moisturizer. 

How often?: Not more than once per week. Your skin will need time to heal between sessions. 

When will I see results?: In 8-12 weeks with weekly use. 

What’s included?: A PMD device, exfoliation discs, face and body caps, adaptor and a how-to DVD. 

Anything else I should know?: Practice using the device on your arm or neck since those areas are less sensitive. (This will allow you to get used to the motions.) If you’re using products that contain retinoids, Retin-A, or acids such as chemical peels, avoid using the PMD device for at least seven days.

What does the device do?: These metal cooling globes have multiple benefits. They calm inflamed skin, reduce puffiness, and help correct hyperpigmentation. They’re also helpful if you’re dealing with allergies or suffer from headaches and they cool your skin during the hot summer months. 

Skin concern(s): All skin types, but they’re especially beneficial if you have Rosacea, hyperpigmentation, or puffy eyes.

How do I use it?: For one to two minutes on the targeted area.

How often?: Daily.

When will I see results?: Right away. 

What’s included?: Two cooling globes.

Anything else I should know?: Put them in the fridge prior to use and they’ll stay cold for even longer.

What does the device do?: The radio frequency waves 50/60Hz penetrate deep into your skin which heats it up and stimulates collagen production and elastin. With regular use you will see tighter, smoother and younger looking skin. 

Skin concern(s): Fine lines and wrinkles, aging, sagging skin, and a dull complexion.

How do I use it?: Clean and dry the area you’re working on and apply conductive gel. Use the gel throughout the treatment and make sure the probe is always moving. 

How often?: Use the MLAY on your face for 5 to 10 minutes and on your body for 8 to 12 minutes. Spend a few minutes on each treatment area before moving onto the next. For aging skin, use it every three to four days. If your skin is smooth and you’re looking for a preventive device, do session intervals weekly or bi-weekly. The device comes with an instruction booklet that lets you know the right amount based on your skin concerns and goals.

When will I see results?: In a study with 50,000 customers between the ages of 25 to 70, 73.3% saw visible improvements in 40 to 60 days. 

What’s included?: A MLAY RF device with two probes (25W for face and 50W for body), conductive gel, and an instruction booklet.  

Anything else I should know?: Results can last up to two years which makes it one of the most sought after at-home anti-aging beauty devices. The company also offers a 60 day money-back guarantee and 18 month warranty.

What does the device do?: Removes dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and built up debris to expose a smoother and more youthful-looking complexion.

Skin concern(s): Facial hair and aging. 

How do I use it?: Wash your face with the Preflash cleanser. Turn the device on and start in front of your ear at your cheekbone. With your opposite hand pull your skin tight. Do this as you move onto the next area. As you’re doing this, hold your Dermafalsh at a 45 degree angle and use short feathery strokes. Once you’re finished discard your blade and apply a small amount of Postflash moisturizer. 

How often?: It’s suggested that you use it once per week.   

When will I see results?: Studies indicate that after four weeks, 76% of participants saw a reduction in wrinkles. After eight weeks, their skin appeared softer and smoother. (See before and after photos here.)

What’s included?: A Dermaflash device, Preflash cleanser, Postflash moisturizer, charging dock and USB cord, and four exfoliating edges. 

Anything else I should know?: The Dermaflash Luxe was invented by women for women which makes it one of our favorite at-home anti-aging beauty devices. It features patented Sonic Edge technology and has two speeds for a customized treatment.

What does the device do?: Uses alternating T-Sonic technology to give a gentle massage to the delicate eye area. This helps to reduce the telltale signs of aging. 

Skin concern(s): Dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet and fine lines and wrinkles.

How do I use it?: With your fingertip, apply your favorite serum or eye cream and place your device on the eye contour. Move it from the center to the outer area, and then under and above your eye. 

How often?: Daily. Spend 30 seconds on each eye in the morning and/or evening.

When will I see results?: With daily use, around two weeks. 

What’s included?: An IRIS eye massager, user manual, travel pouch, and USB cord.

Anything else I should know?: The device has two modes: Pure Mode is similar to a manual massage, while Spa Mode is more like a professional treatment that combines tapping and pulsations.

What does the device do?: Boosts cell turnover, resulting in a firmer, smoother and a healthier-looking complexion.

Skin concern(s): Dull and uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles and age spots. 

How do I use it?: Massage the targeted area for one to two minutes.

How often?: Three times a week. 

When will I see results?: After one week, 88% of users saw an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. For age spots, it took about a month to see a difference.

What’s included?: A microdermabrasion applicator, attachment head, 12 rejuvenating puffs (a one month’s supply), and two AA batteries.  

Anything else I should know?: Contains mico-vibrations and the puffs are pre-closed with ultra-fine crystals for a gentle exfoliation.

What does the device do?: This FDA-cleared device comes with three attachments that were designed to improve facial contour, reduce wrinkles, and tone. 

Skin concern(s): Sagging and aging skin and fine lines and wrinkles.

How do I use it?: Start by thoroughly cleansing your skin. There are different attachments and techniques which will depend on the area you’re targeting. 

To smooth—use the wrinkle reducer attachment on the targeted area and hold in place until you hear a beep (three minutes). 

To lift—apply the gel primer and slide the device with the facial trainer attachment over your neck and face. 

To target—apply gel primer and glide/hold the device with the lip and eye attachment over treatment areas. When finished, massage the remaining gel primer into your skin. 

How often?: During the first 60 days use the device for five minutes per day, five days per week. Then use two to three days a week to maintain results. 

When will I see results?: In a study, participants used the device for 60 days and for five minutes per day. 85% saw improvements in facial contour, 80% reported smoother skin, and 70% said their face looked more toned. 

What’s included?: A NuFACE Trinity toning device, facial trainer attachment, lip and dye attachment, wrinkle reducer attachment, leave-on gel primer, charging cradle and power adapter. 

Anything else I should know?: NuFACE makes a 4-Piece Trinity Facial Toning Kit ($339), and a travel device ($209). You can also purchase their attachments separately (here’s the wrinkle reducer and the ELE attachment). They also have an amazing FIX Serum that’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, phytomoist complex, smart peptide system and ionized formula.

What does the device do?: This ultrasonic LED device treats a variety of skin concerns. The blue light helps kill acne-causing bacteria, the green light balances the skin, and the red light promotes collagen and smooths wrinkles. The ultrasonic feature stimulates your skin cells, which helps lift and produce more collagen. 

Skin concern(s): Wrinkles, acne, sensitive skin, large pores, and sagging skin.

How do I use it?: Cleanse your face and apply an ion gel or elixir (I use hyaluronic acid). Turn on and choose your treatment option. Slowly move the device in an upwards and inwards motion. If you have a breakout or eczema, glide the device around the area but don’t place it on top of it. Once you’re finished, apply hyaluronic acid again and follow up with moisturizer. 

How often?: 10 to 15 minutes per day.

When will I see results?: After using it a few times your pores should look smaller and your skin should look brighter and more even. Using it regularly will help to clear up current breakouts and prevent new ones from appearing.

What’s included?: An LED wand, goggles, and adapter. 

Anything else I should know?: Often when we hop on an airplane or visit a place with a different climate our skin breaks out. This device is the perfect travel companion because of its compact size and ability to prevent and get rid of breakouts—fast.

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