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When and why did you start blogging? During the fall of 2016, I created A Girl in LA to document my life working in fashion PR. I planned to write about what it was like working behind the scenes (not just the glamorous accepts of the job) and talk about the nitty-gritty aspects of a PR girl. A few months in I realized that I wanted to write about more than just that. What started out as a hobby was soon becoming something I could see myself doing as a full-time career. I gave my notice to the showroom I was working at and never looked back. 

What do you love most about blogging? Having an open format to write about whatever I want. The lifestyle topics I choose usually have to do with beauty, fashion, product recommendations, travel ideas, and fun things to do.  

I work for a brand and would like to collaborate. How do I get in touch? When it comes to working with brands, I’m extremely selective in who I work with. I would estimate I turn down about 90% of the offers in my inbox because the product/service has to align perfectly with A Girl in NYC. In addition, it has to be something I’m sure myself, my bloggers, and my readers will love. I only accept paid collaborations, and because I want to be transparent with you, any paid post will have a disclaimer at the end with the words “sponsored by…” Also, I must note that what we write about is based solely on our own opinions—the company doesn’t tell us what to say. If your company or brand would like to work with us, please email ([email protected]) for more details. 

How do you choose what products you blog about? One rule I’ve followed consistently since I began blogging is to only write about products that work for me or products that I discover and think others will love. I stress this to the team so our posts are always authentic. 

I want to write for A Girl in NYC, how do I get in contact? I’m always looking for new bloggers and marketing interns, you can read the job descriptions here

I want to submit a guest post but I don’t live in the area—can I still write for you? I get a lot of emails inquiring about these subjects. At this time I’m only working with bloggers who can contribute multiple posts per month, live in New York City or Los Angeles, and can join the team. To keep my site fresh and authentic, I don’t allow guest posting or link exchanges. 

Can I interview you for my blog? I’d love to hear your pitch! 

How should I go about pursuing a career in fashion? Get involved in everything! No opportunity is too small. Network, intern, check out sites like Fashion Jobs, Extra Secretary, Internships.com, Linkedin, and Barefoot Student to see what companies are hiring. Many people think you need to have gone to school for fashion, but that’s not true. Having a degree in Business or PR will help a lot. There are a lot of different fields in the fashion industry, it’s not just designing. Make sure you have a kick-ass cover letter and resume that lists all your accomplishments. For more advice, you can read Nara’s post on how she got started with a career in fashion design, and Gina’s about what it’s like to be a celebrity stylist.  

What tips do you have for starting a blog? One of the biggest—learn SEO because without it few people will see your posts. Then of course, write about topics you’re passionate about along with interesting content other blogs aren’t covering. Do your research and by research I mean read blogs dedicated to helping emerging bloggers learn the basics. Find your niche and discover similar sites to see how they’re doing it. Be sure to use social media to promote your blog. 

Where do you host your platform? I started with WordPress. com and then I switched to WordPress.org. I was hosting my site on Siteground but now I’m on a cloud server called Cloudways.  You can read about my transition to switching to a self-hosted site here.  

What are your favorite online clothing sites? My team and I all have different styles, but I think it’s safe to say that Revolve and Bloomingdale’s rate high on our list!

What type of camera do you use? iPhone 11 or my Cannon.

Can I use A Girl in NYC’s photographs? Sure, just please link back to A Girl in NYC. 

How do you create your graphics? Photoshop.

Why was my comment not published? Any comments deemed offensive won’t be published. Other reasons could be that readers flagged it, or that it got lost in the spam filter. 

Do you use affiliate marketing? At times I do, but it doesn’t affect how I choose the products I write about. I also will include a disclaimer at the end of the post. The same goes for my team. 

Legal disclaimer: A Girl in NYC doesn’t take credit for images that aren’t our own. Some images on this site are copyrighted to their respectful owner. If an image appears on this site that belongs to you and you’d like it removed, please email [email protected] with the link to the image and it will be removed immediately.

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