My Favorite Amazon Purchases (So Far) This Year

My Favorite Amazon Purchases (So Far) This Year

My Favorite Amazon Purchases (So Far) This Year

Since the start of 2021, I’ve bought far too many items on Amazon than I care to admit. With it’s one to two day Prime delivery it’s become one of my shopping go-to websites. Knowing they carry practically everything imaginable, it’s hard to shy away from. Looking back on these past nine months, here are my favorite Amazon purchases.

Amazon Skin Care Purchases

1. Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum ($45) – Recently, I talked about how my skin broke out this summer. I discussed the steps I’ve been taking to get things under control, as well as the products I’ve incorporated into my daily skincare routine. Now I’m in the process of lightening the dark spots the breakouts left behind. Being a huge fan of Mario Badescu, I began using his Vitamin C serum that also contains collagen and sodium hydrate. Every other night I apply it under my moisturizer and so far, I can see the difference it’s making. My dark spots appear to be fading and my skin tone looks a lot more even. 

2. Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser ($32) – This face cleanser doubles as a makeup remover and it’s free from fragrances and essential oils. Even though it’s gentle, I can feel it cleansing my face by the way it lathers. 

3. Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream ($22) – Finding a calming face cream (that actually works) and doesn’t cause my skin to break out isn’t an easy task. This one, however, has been a lifesaver. It’s formulated with protein moisturizers, amino acids, and pygmy water lily. Since I’ve been applying it nightly (for about a month now), my complexion looks smoother, firmer, and more even.

Amazon Fitness Purchases

1. Nike Dri-Fit Tempo Shorts ($29) – I usually shop for Nike workout wear on Revolve or, but the other day when I arrived in Connecticut, I realized I forgot to pack workout shorts. Rather than place an order and have to wait a few days for them to arrive, I looked on Amazon. I bought a pair of these lightweight shorts which showed up the next day and they have become one of my favorite pairs.

2. Ankle weights ($50) – I’ve been following @dogpound for workout inspo and fitness tips. That inspired me to purchase two pairs of 10 pound ankle weights (one for when I’m working out inside my apartment and the other to use at my family’s beach house in Connecticut). I love how I can incorporate them into so many movements like lunges, leg lifts, and kickbacks. The following day my legs are sore, which tells me the weights are working. 

3. 3 Level Resistance Bands ($14.99) – These booty bands come in three resistance strengths (light, medium, and heavy) and they’re the first set I’ve owned that doesn’t roll up or break after a few months. I use them for squats, side lunges, side lifts, standing donkey kicks and so much more.

Amazon Home Decor Purchases

1. Pearl shell lamp ($32) – One of the highlights of my summer has been decorating my bedroom in Connecticut. The decor is a mix of mid-century modern and beachy bohemian. There’s lots of white and tan with carefully-curated pops of color. Slowly, I’ve been purchasing interesting pieces to add to it like this oyster shell lamp. I love the pearlized iridescent glow it gives off. (It pairs perfectly with my shell dish that sits on my nightstand and holds my everyday jewelry.) Decorating this room has given me a chance to incorporate a completely different style than my bedroom in NYC.

2. Rainbow acrylic frame (34.99, $29.99) – My fascination with acrylic pieces started in Los Angeles after purchasing ghost chairs for Billy and I’s dining room table and it has continued to evolve. A few weeks ago, I discovered this picture frame and knew it would be a perfect addition to our bookshelf. I plan on displaying it near our holographic vase filled with fresh flowers.   

3. Acrylic jewelry holder ($14.45), ring holder ($6.99) + necklace display ($28.99) – I love how these acrylic displays are understated in the sense they let my jewelry stand out. Everything is front and center, which allows for easy access, especially when I’m rushing to get out the door.

Amazon Self-Care Purchases

1. Manicure set ($11.99) – These are so affordable, I actually purchased two of them (one for Connecticut and the other for my apartment). It has everything you need to do an at-home manicure or pedicure, but what really stands out is the quality of the tools.

2. Hyaluronic Acid supplements ($19.97 | 90 day supply) – I decided to try hyaluronic acid in a capsule form because I’ve been reading all the benefits associated with it. (Helps to firm skin, reduce wrinkles, ease joint pain, preserve bone strength, and tons more.) It’s only been two weeks since I started taking it so it’s too soon to tell. However, if they’re anything like the hyaluronic acid serum I apply to my face, I have a feeling that I’m going to like the results! 

3. Bamboo toothbrushes ($14) – When you have guests visiting, it’s a good idea to have an extra supply of disposable toothbrushes on hand. I bought these bamboo brushes for my family’s beach house. They’re made with sustainable and biodegradable materials and they come in an array of colors that are perfect for summer.

Amazon Kitchen Purchases

1. Ninja Fit blender ($69.99, $59.99) – In the beginning of the year I wrote about the healthy changes I was making to my lifestyle. Aside from returning to the gym and eating better, one of them was making daily protein shakes. I ordered chocolate fudge and vanilla cake (both by Unicorn Superfoods) and I’ve been enjoying them ever since. In my Ninja Fit, I mix in the protein powder, almond milk, and then I’ll add fruit or nut butter. In just a few seconds it blends to a perfect consistency.

2. Marble charcuterie board ($45) – I love crafting a carefully thought out charcuterie board filled with nuts, spreads, chocolate, fruit, cheese, and crackers. After moving from L.A. to NYC, our previous marble board somehow got lost. I ended up ordering this gray and white one and I leave it out on the counter when I’m not using it. 

3. Bamboo salad hands ($13.99, $9.99) – Before my family and I held our July 4th party, I purchased white serving bowls and bamboo utensils. Among them were these salad hands. Before summer ends, I plan on making a dish filled with colorful vegetables and serving it outside while overlooking the ocean.

Amazon Makeup Purchases

1. Benefit cheek and lip stain ($18.50) – For years I’ve used powdered blush but I started using this cheek and lip stain and it looks a lot more natural. I dab a few dots on my cheekbone, the bridge of my nose and my hairline and it gives me a summertime glow.

2. Kevyn Aucoin brow marker ($28) – For years I’ve been searching for a fine tip brow pencil that wasn’t too dark or too light, and didn’t end up looking like a sharpie. Even though this one is technically a “marker,” I’m still able to create natural looking feathered lines with it.

3. Brow pomade ($7.88 | 4pc set) – Step two in my eyebrow routine is brushing upwards and outwards. I do this by applying brow soap after I’ve filled them in with my marker. The natural soap holds them in place (even when I’m on the beach all day) and easily comes off with face wash and water.

Amazon Tech Purchases

1. Bluetooth earbuds ($29.99) – This spring when I purchased my Apple Watch I wanted a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that would not only deliver a high-quality sound but would also match my rose gold watch wristband. These hold a significantly long charge (I only charge them about once a week) and they stay in my ears no matter what kind of workout I’m doing. 

2. Series 6 Apple Watch ($419) – I wrote an in-depth blog post on my Apple Watch and how I’ve integrated it into my daily routine (you can read about it here). I also detailed my go-to apps (from fitness and wellness to lifestyle) and talked about how I use them. I would say that so far this year, my Apple Watch has been my overall favorite purchase and in the long run, it was worth the cost. 

3. 128 GB Flash Drive ($21.99) – I was working on the backend of my site and attempted to download my server so I could edit some files and then delete them. As hours passed by and it was getting towards nearing completion, I ran out of memory on my computer. Extremely frustrated, I purchased a 128 GB flash drive and will begin the tedious task once again.

Amazon For The Home Purchases

1. Egyptian cotton bath towels $49.99 – When I was stuck at home during the pandemic, I looked for various ways to make our apartment feel like a five-star hotel. I thought back to my previous trips and what hotel stays I enjoyed the most and why. One simple (yet effective) trick was keeping a set of high quality bath towels on hand. As I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself in a fluffy towel, I envisioned where I’d travel to next. Luckily, those days of dreaming rather than doing have passed, but I still enjoy the little things that make our home feel like a luxurious resort. 

2. Faux fur blanket ($24.99, $16.99) – While living in L.A. I had a heavy faux fur throw placed over the back of our couch. It was more for decorative purposes since it was rarely cold enough to actually use. I didn’t know it was dry clean only and ruined it by putting it in the washer. As soon as we moved to NYC, I replaced it with more of a lightweight (and affordable) version. This past winter I used it to cover myself on chilly nights when I was reading a book or watching a movie. 

3. Silk pillowcases ($22) – Billy purchased a Tempur-pedic bed frame, mattress, and Cloud Breeze Cooling pillows right after our move. We soon discovered that our pillowcases slide off in the night. I searched for a pair in high-quality fabric with a hidden zipper and I found these mulberry silk ones. I bought two in lilac (they’re sold individually) to go with the cool tones of our bedroom. The silk fabric is not only good for your skin but it also helps keep you cool on hot nights (just like our Cloud Breeze Cooling pillows).

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