50 Guilty Pleasures and The Little Things in Life

50 Guilty Pleasures

50 Guilty Pleasures and The Little Things in Life

From the sound of an ice cream truck to sitting by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa, to hearing raindrops hit the window, we all have favorite things that we love to indulge in.

With the busy and demanding world that we live in, sometimes we look for pivotal moments in our lives to make us happy–graduations, new jobs, raises…and we sometimes forget the little everyday things that can bring us joy and happiness.

I love reading what other people find comfort in, so I created a list of my 50 guilty pleasures in the hope of inspiring others. I also included some of the little things that make me happy and help to enhance my life.

1. Listening to rain hit the windows on a chilly afternoon.

50 Guilty Pleasures

Stormy afternoon in DTLA.

2. Stealing toiletries from high end hotels.

3. Picking fresh flowers and then creating the ultimate bouquet.

4. Getting a latte and spending the afternoon in a bookstore.

50 Guilty Pleasures

Browsing at The Last Bookstore.

5. Taking a quick flight to a nearby vacation destination for the weekend.

6. Watching my boyfriend DJ at a club.

7. Heading to the top of a mountain and taking in the scenic views.

8. Finding the perfect fitting jacket that can be worn with almost anything.  

50 Guilty Pleasures

Faux Leather Jacket: Glamorous x Dolls Kill | Bowie Shirt: Chaser | Leggings: TopShop | Sneakers: Nike | Handbag: Bendel’s.

9. Creating the ideal playlist for a specific occasion.

10. Watching movies that bring back a dose of nostalgia, like Now and Then, Clueless, and Dazed and Confused.

11. Going to a general store and buying old fashioned candy.

12. Getting backstage access at a concert, or floor seats at basketball game.

50 Guilty Pleasures

Courtside at The Staples Center: Lakers vs Bulls.

13. Road trips while listening to ‘90s hip hop and pop songs.

14. Looking at old photographs and reminiscing on the memories.

15. Day drinking on the beach and listening to a live music.

16. Christmastime in New York City: hotel decorations, Christmas trees, walking down Broadway and 5th Avenue, the frigid air, Central Park, and tea at the Plaza.

50 guilty pleasures

17. Phone calls from old friends.

18. Snowball fights in the freezing cold temperature and then sitting by the fireplace to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa.

19. Looking for recipes to make and then creating the perfect meal.

20. The salt water splashing on my face while riding a jet-ski.

50 guilty pleasures

 Jet-skiing in Puerto Vallarta.

21. Finding multiple coupon codes to use at once and scoring a huge deal.  

22. Relaxing in a jacuzzi under the stars or city lights.

23. Watching childhood Christmas movies like Eloise at Christmastime while the snow is falling and cookies are baking in the oven.

24. Birthday cake and celebrations!

50 Guilty Pleasures

25. Receiving packages, letters, and postcards in the mail.

26. The sound of an ice cream truck and ordering my favorite childhood frozen treat.

27. The feeling I get when I walk into a bakery and smell the sweet aroma of donuts, cookies, and cinnamon buns.

28. Splurging on a designer handbag.  

50 guilty pleasures

My favorite label, Bendel’s.

29. Playing with puppies or kittens.

30. Going to a playground and sitting on the swings.

31. Spending the holidays on the East Coast with my family.

32. The scent of the ocean air and the feeling of the warm breeze.

50 Guilty Pleasures

An afternoon at the Malibu Pier.

33. Selling my old stuff on eBay and watching the money go into my PayPal account.

34. Having a cheat day and eating my favorites like truffle mac & cheese, and penne alla vodka.

35. Blowing off plans to order takeout and binge-watch my favorite TV shows.

36. Visiting another country or an exotic island.

50 Guilty Pleasures

Las Caletas Beach Hideaway in Puerto Vallarta.

37. Buying high-end beauty products.

38. The feeling I get after a high-intensity gym session.

39. Spending all night at the beach and then watching the sunrise.

40. Flying first class while skipping the long security line. Then having an unlimited amount of cocktails.

50 Guilty Pleasures

On my way back to the East Coast for the Holidays.

41. Having dinner at a new trendy restaurant and ordering the most expensive dish on the menu.

42. Flipping through coffee table books to get inspiration.

43. Drinking Moet for no reason.

44. Saturday Sample Sales.

50 Guilty Pleasures


45. Decorating my apartment with newly bought items.

46. Going skinning dipping.

47. Giving back by donating my old clothing and accessories.

48. Heading to brunch with friends and eating french toast while drinking mimosas.

50 Guilty Pleasures

49. Clicking on Facebook profiles and reading what looks like a transcript of a Jerry Springer episode.

50. Wearing the perfect outfit and then taking selfies in front of the mirror.

What are your guilty pleasures? Comment below!

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  1. Great list! Life really is about the little things!

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