My New Obsession: Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box + How to WIN One!

Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box

My New Obsession: Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box + How to WIN One!

Before I was gifted the Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box, my knowledge of essential oils was very minimal. I would add a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender to my diffuser at night and drift off to sleep. Over the last few years I’ve made a lot of changes in my life. I gave up eating meat, I try to avoid processed foods, and eat mainly organic. I’m always on the quest to live healthier and I continue to research new ways to improve my overall well-being, and that’s where Simply Earth comes in. I received the August essential oils recipe box and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of amazing aromas and a natural and chemical free lifestyle. Continue reading to see how you can win next months recipe box.

Simply Earth
Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box

“Safe oils at affordable prices.”

The essential oils that Simply Earth works with are sourced from all over the world in order to get the purest and highest quality possible. When the plants have reached their maturity they are harvested and then they collect the natural essential oils through the process of steam-distillation or cold-pressing. Every batch is unique and is tested to make sure it’s 100% pure. The oils are then packaged in amber glass bottles in order to preserve the quality and protect against UV rays.

Simply Earth’s oils fall under USDA food and product safety guidelines and they are  GC/MS tested and compared to oil quality standards. The results of the testing is listed on each oil.

Another amazing thing about this company is that they want to make a difference in the world which is something I can surely get behind. They donate 13% of their profits to help fight the battle of sex trafficking and they work with local, national, and international non-profits like Nightlight, A21, Children of the Night, and Anti-Slavery International.

Monthly Recipe Box
Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box
Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box

I was so excited to receive the August Essential Oil Recipe Box as well as the Big Bonus Box. As soon as I opened it I couldn’t wait to start incorporating natural oils into my daily routine. The aromatherapy box is worth $150 and consisted of 4 natural oils, a packet of pink salt, a candle, 6 DIY recipe cards, and a sheet of colorful stickers to label my newly made products.

  • Ho Wood has a floral scent and is used for meditation, spiritual healing, calms nerves, supports the immune system, has a cooling effect, helps to reduce swelling, aids in muscle and joint healing.
  • Orange smelled just like orange peels which reminds me of the fall and potpourri (which I plan to use when I make some this September). It can help to uplift your mood, eases sore muscles, has a comforting effect, and helps with digestion.
  • It was interesting to learn that Fennel was said to ward off evil spirits in the medieval times. It’s now used for anxiety, helps to energize, aids in digestion, and helps with breathing.
  • Frankincense has been around since the biblical times and is even used for pharmaceutical purposes. It helps to fight germs, clears the mind, reduces nasal congestion, helps with swelling, and deodorizes.

Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box
Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box

After I smelled each scent (my favorites were Ho Wood and Orange), I was anxious to see what I could create with them, so I read through the recipe cards. The 6 recipe cards gave detailed and easy to follow step by step instructions on how to create each project. For August there were Himalayan Salt Candles, Citrus Fresh Face Wash, Himalayan Detox Bath Soak, Refreshing Diffuser Blend, Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub, and Fine Lines Be Gone. Everything except baking soda was included so I didn’t need to worry about running to the store searching for ingredients.

I was thrilled to see how these oils could help with my main two health issues; chronic sinusitis, and a cyst on my wrist. I randomly started looking for natural cures to help with relief from a ganglion cyst on my right wrist, which is really painful and at times it hurts when I’m typing. I found that Frankincense oil can help with that and some reports have said that with continued use it can actually shrink it. I found a recipe on the web that called for the ingredients that were included in the boxes; the Frankincense essential oil, and then a rich salve base, and a spill proof container which were included in the bonus box. For my ongoing sinuses issues, I started adding Fennel Oil to my diffuser and I noticed immediate relief. So as you can see, once you’re done making the products on the recipe cards you’ll still be able to find plenty of use for the oils until your next box arrives.

The Big Bonus Box
Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box
Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box

I also received the Big Bonus Box that’s worth $50 and comes with your first essential oil box. Now I’ll be able to make what’s on each DIY recipe card for months to come. There were 31 pieces inside ranging from larger sized bottles to mini pots, to spray bottles and roll-ons. It also came with sweet almond carrier oil (4 fl oz), a tub of coconut oil (6 oz), and beeswax (2 oz). As soon as I saw all the different sized bottles I thought about how this would be perfect for homemade gifts for my friends and family that love natural products and skincare.

how to use
Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box

If you are new to oils like I was and not sure exactly how to use them, Simply Earth’s FAQ will answer any questions you may have. They also have an handy guide on the dilution ratio that you can have emailed to yourself. Here’s what I learned about how to apply and how use my new essential oils:

Roll-ons: These are already diluted in carrier oil making them safe for topical application.

Single oils / Blends: These are in their pure from and concentrated which means they need to be diluted with a carrier oil (included in the bonus box) before topical application. Pure essential oils are strong and can harm the skin if applied directly.

Inhalation (direct or indirect): Perfect for if you’re on the go, stressed out, or have sensitive skin.

  • Direct: Inhaling undiluted essential oils from the bottle or inhaler. This should only be done for a short amount of time because the oils are so strong.
  • Indirect: Inhaling from a diffuser in which the essential oil is dispersed into the air.

Topical Application: Applying essential oils directly to the skin.

Why I Love It

Simply Earth makes everything easy for their customers. Each box is different than the previous months, and comes with four essential oils, two extras, and recipe cards. When ordering your Essential Oil Recipe Box you can choose between a monthly membership of $39, or a quarterly membership of $45 (ships every 3 months). Both subscriptions have the option of canceling at anytime and a 365 day money back guarantee. At checkout, use the code AGIRLINLAFREE and you’ll receive the:

  • Essential Oil Recipe Box
  • Big Bonus Box
  • A $20 gift card which can be used for future purchases. The gift card will be emailed to you 24-48 hours after making your first purchase.
  • Free shipping within the United States.
  • Worth over $150!

Other Products

Besides the monthly box, Simply Earth has many other products to choose from, like a huge variety of single oils, essential oil blends, roll-ons for when you’re on the go, and carrier oils for mixing. When choosing which oils to purchase, the website gives a detailed description. You will learn the origin, the botanical name, the extraction method, the aroma, what it should be used for, and what it blends with. Each oil also has recipe ideas and they will also make it clear if it’s safe for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Simply Earth also carries products like jewelry, diffusers, bottles and sprays, starter sets (that would make an ideal gift) and books for beginners to learn about the art of essential oils. They also have sticker sheets to label your products and things for the home like fabric freshener, bug spray, and wooden boxes to hold your oils.

How To Win
Simply Earth Essential Oils Recipe Box

A Girl in LA has partnered with Simply Earth to offer one lucky a winner a subscription box and bonus box, valued at over $150! One winner will be randomly chosen on August 25, 2018.

-How to Enter-

  • Follow @agirlinla and @fromsimplyearth on Instagram (we will check).
  • Like this post.
  • Tag at least 3 friends.
  • Bonus: Share! For every time you repost this photo (using the repost app), your name will be entered. Be sure to tag @agirlinla and @fromsimplyearth.
  • Official rules.
  • One winner will be notified via IG Messenger.

I’ve tried many different subscription boxes over the years, but I would usually end up canceling within a few months because I thought the boxes were gimmicky, contained cheap products, or a waste of money. The Simply Earth Recipe Box is the exact opposite of that. The box I received, had I gone out and bought the same products individually, it would have cost me a fortune. Good quality essential oils are usually very expensive, but Simply Earth is able to slash the prices by selling directly to consumers and not taking huge profit margins. All in all I can say that I’m completely in love with Simply Earth and I’m so looking forward to my new September box to arrive in the mail!

This article contains some affiliate links and is sponsored by Simply Earth.