Must Have Travel Shoes + What Kind To Pack Depending On Where You’re Going

Travel Shoes - What To Pack For Your Next Trip

Must Have Travel Shoes + What Kind To Pack Depending On Where You’re Going

Packing for a summer vacation can be challenging—especially when it comes to shoes. I used to be the type of girl that would pack a suitcase full of them, only to wear a few pairs while I was on vacation. Over the years I’ve learned a simple trick…I plan each outfit in advance before I start packing. Then I take a photo of the outfit along with any accessories, jewelry pieces, and of course, shoes. The ones that go with the most amount of outfits are the ones I’ll bring with me.

My style changes depending on where I’m traveling to. If I’m headed to the Connecticut shoreline, I’m going to bring summer-y sandals and wedges. If I’m vacationing in New York City, I’ll pack plenty of stylish walkable flats. Here is a comprehensive list of 17 must-have travel shoes for any budget, along with what styles I recommend depending on where you’re vacationing this summer.

For vacationing in Europe, bring: versatile booties, sophisticated slingbacks, classic white sneakers, and stylish mules.

If you’re heading to the beach, bring: casual sneakers, beach slides, summer-y wedges, and strappy sandals.

If you’re going to the countryside, bring: summer-y wedges, muted ballet flats, classic white sneakers, and sophisticated slingbacks.

For a trip to Palm Springs, bring: fashionable chunky heels, classic white sneakers, strappy sandals, and comfortable flat sandals.

If you’re traveling to a vibrant city like New York or Chicago bring: waterproof rain boots, chic pumps, simple loafers, and colorful sneakers.

If you’re attending a lavish wedding, bring: trendy stilettos, summer-y wedges, strappy sandals, and classic white sneakers. 

If you’re going on a hiking trip, bring: gym sneakers, comfortable flat sandals, waterproof rain boots + hiking boots.

For on a quick business trip, bring: simple loafers, muted ballet flats, versatile booties, and chic pumps.

If you’re visiting Vegas, bring: trendy stilettos, beach slides, stylish mules, and comfortable flat sandals.

If you’re heading to The Hamptons, bring: beach slides, strappy sandals, fashionable chunky heels, and classic white sneakers. 

For a New England vacation, bring: comfortable flat sandals, casual sneakers, and beach slides, and summer-y wedges.

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