These Makeup and Beauty Products Will Give You Flashbacks of The 90s

These Makeup and Beauty Products Will Give You Flashbacks of The 90s

These Makeup and Beauty Products Will Give You Flashbacks of The 90s

Growing up in the 90s was a much simpler time. There was no such thing as social media, no one had cell phones, friends got together after school to play outside, and Friday nights were reserved for TGIF and ordering pizza. When I think back to that decade, various TV shows, movies, games, and characters stand out. Recently, beauty brands have begun collaborating with our favorite old school characters, giving us a feel good blast from the past. I’ve picked 15 makeup and beauty products that will spark memories of living in the 90s.

1. Sailor Moon Collection | ColourPop, $94

The prettiest dainty shades! This limited edition Sailor Moon collection comes with an eye shadow palette that’s mixed with neutrals and bright hues, four pink and beige lip glosses, two pink blushes, and two glitter gels. 

2. Sour Patch Kids Setting Mist | Morphe, $18

A watermelon setting mist that smells like one of my favorite childhood candies. You can spray it over liquid or powder makeup and it will help keep everything in place all day long while giving off a luminous glow.

3. Tinkerbell Sprinkle a Little Magic Palette | ColourPop, $16

Mixed with velvety-smooth mattes and shimmery metallics, these pixie inspired shades of blues, greens, golds, and pinks will make any eye color pop.  

4. Friends Espresso Body Butter | Makeup Revolution, $8.40

Who didn’t love hanging out with Rachel, Joey, Monica and the rest? This espresso body butter smells just like a latte that would be served at Central Perk.

5. Lisa Frank Confetti Topper | Orly, $10.99

During the fall and winter months, I prefer more subdued nail polish shades but I’ll make an exception for this flashy top coat which is perfect for relieving the 90s. In fact, I owned a few similar confetti polishes back in the day.

6. Hello Kitty Blush | ColourPop, $12

To this day, my obsession with Hello Kitty is real. When I visited Las Vegas, at the top of my to-do list was to grab a dessert from the Hello Kitty Food Truck. It doesn’t matter if it’s something sweet, or a makeup product—I look for any excuse to purchase something with “Kitty Whites” face on it, and this blush is no exception. It’s the perfect shade of pink and gives off a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow that works on all skin tones. 

7. Friends Rachel Bundle | Makeup Revolution, $33.60

A must have throwback for any Rachel fan! The collection comes with a sheet mask, a nine pan eyeshadow palette filled with neutral hues, a 90s shade of lipstick, clear lip gloss, and faux mink lashes. There’s also a kit for Monica and Phoebe

8. Hocus Pocus Creme Gel Liner | ColourPop, $8

When I discovered there was a makeup collection inspired by my favorite Halloween film, Hocus Pocus, I was thrilled! Aside from the gel liner that comes in three shades (green, red, and purple), there’s also a complete bundle, a coven collection, pressed eyeshadow palettes, lip crèmes, and more.

9. Pink over Rose Make up Bag | Caboodles, $24.49

Growing up in the 90s, having a colorful Caboodle where you kept your most treasured makeup and beauty products was practically a rite of passage. This two-tone Barbie shade of pink version is most remnant of the one I used to own.

10. Zack Attack Live Performing at the Max Makeup Brush Set, Wet n Wild, $14.99

Saturday mornings were reserved for watching Saved by the Bell and if #couplesgoals were a thing back then, Kelly and Zack would have been it. After the reboot, Wet n Wild created this three-piece eyeshadow and highlighter brush set that comes in a sparkle glitter case inspired by Zack’s cell phone. 

11. Lisa Frank Artistry Palette | Morphe, $30

From her colorful folders and notebooks to her rainbow pencil cases and stickers, purchasing Lisa Frank school supplies was something I looked forward to every year. When I discovered her collab with Morphe, I began having flashbacks of grammar school. This super pigmented palette comes in an array of colors and finishes (metallic, matte, and shimmer) and it features her iconic artwork on the front. 

12. Barbie Malibu 1” Titanium Flat Iron | Chi, $99.99

Aside from working on all types of hair, having an LED temperature display, and capability to reach 450 degrees, this is the prettiest straighter I’ve ever seen. It features a collage of colorful images that represents living in coastal California (think beach balls, palm trees, rainbows).

13. The Simpsons Gel Slime Lip Mask | Makeup Revolution, $8

Dry lips are something I deal with all year long. So much that I have Blistex with me at all times. This Halloween, candy apple slime lip mask works by hydrating and restoring moisture. 

14. Fruity Pebbles Cosmetic Bag | I Heart Revolution, $11.20

Was there really a cereal better than a bowl of Fruity Pebbles? If this travel makeup bag was around when I was a kid, I 100% would have stored my Hard Candy nail polishes and Lip Smackers inside. 

15. Malibu Barbie Full Collection Set | ColourPop, $99

The weather is getting cooler, but this Malibu Barbie beauty bundle will give you nostalgic summer vibes all year long. It comes with a 15 shade eyeshadow palette that features fun pops of color; three lipsticks in various hues of pink; a golden highlighter that gives a sun-kissed glow; a set of faux lashes, and the most adorable heart shaped hand mirror.

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