The Must-Have Items at The Top of Gina’s Wish List!

The Must-Have Items at The Top of Gina's Wish List!

The Must-Have Items at The Top of Gina’s Wish List!

Ever since I was a child, I would have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve. I’d toss and turn all night in anticipation of what was to come. As soon as the sun came up, I’d annoyingly wake up everyone in my family so we could start opening gifts. A few weeks before, my brothers and I would create our wish lists of what we were asking for and we would share them with each other. We would also include a ton of ideas on what to get our parents. So for this year, even though the holidays don’t really have that same magical feeling that they normally do, I still made my annual holiday wish list of 15 things I’m asking for this Christmas!

I have wanted an air fryer for quite some time now. Whenever I see videos online of people using them, it looks so easy and efficient. You can make a myriad of things, like fries, steak, or burgers, without the hassle of actually cooking. What’s even better is the lack of cleaning it requires compared to pots, pans, and actual fryers. This is a godsend for lazy chefs, like me. Not to mention, it’s surprisingly affordable.

I’d love to open up this royal blue crushed velvet duvet on Christmas morning. Urban Outfitters has great quality, long lasting bedding. Everyone who knows me knows I love all things velvet, so this luxurious duvet is ideal for the wintertime.

This past year I’ve been obsessed with wearing falsies. One of my favorite lash brands is Velour because they have so many high quality gorgeous lash styles to choose from. This year, I added to my list a customized set. Unfortunately, I’m unable to link my exact creation from their website, but my ideal lashes are flare shaped with a criss-cross pattern, feature a whispie design and an invisible band, and they’re 11MM.

Another must-have on my wishlist is a pair of mom jeans. I realized I only have one pair of this style, and I would like to add another to my collection because they’re so versatile. I can already think of a ton of things I could wear with these super high-waisted, baggy jeans from Asos. 

I never use heat tools, so I’m a total newcomer. However, I’ve been dying to get my hands on a beginner-friendly hair waver. In an attempt to create mermaid waves, I’ve been doing it the old fashion way by braiding my damp hair and leaving it in until it dries. Using a hair waver would be less time-consuming, and this affordable one by INH seems easy to use and creates bouncy waves. It also has a ceramic glazing to protect against heat damage.

Candles are a therapeutic, relaxing must-have for my apartment at all times of the year. I am always on the hunt for a new one to freshen up my living space. One of my favorite scents is tobacco and patchouli by Paddywax. It has a smokey, warm, and herbal kind of aroma that I love.

As a child, I would spend my days roller skating until the sun went down. This year I’m asking for a pair of nostalgic Impala skates, and I can already see myself riding through the Shoreline Bike Path in Long Beach. I can’t wait to pair these skates with 70’s inspired outfits. Here’s to hoping that roller skating is just like riding a bike!

Biossance is one of my favorite skincare brands. They are a revolutionary clean beauty brand that uses all natural and organic ingredients. Because of this, their products are on the higher end of the price scale. However, they do absolute wonders for my skin. This overachievers set is only $58 and you get $116 worth of products! It includes two of my favorites, Vitamin C Rose Oil and the Squalane + Omega repair cream.

I have a sewing machine that I haven’t used in a long time. Receiving a few patterns would be the motivator to jump back in and start creating again. Joann’s has a vast selection, ranging from dresses to matching sets to pants. I want this pattern so I can make three tops and two pairs of pants, or a bohemian style crop top and with matching flared pants.

A must in my skincare routine is applying an excellent quality eye cream. I struggle with dark circles due to lack of sleep (thanks to insomnia) so a brightening cream is something I can’t live without. I’ve been obsessed with Ole Henriksen’s banana bright eye cream for a few years now because it magically makes my dark circles disappear. I go through a jar of it quickly, so of course, I would be more than happy to receive one as a gift!

On everyone’s social media, you’ve probably seen countless shares of Spotify’s Wrapped for 2020. It was no surprise to me when my top songs were from Denzel Curry’s EP Unlocked (not to mention he was also the artist I listened to the most this year). I’m a sucker for vinyls as I love the vibe of playing them in my apartment while working on blog posts or just relaxing. Since this has been my favorite album of the year, I would love having it on vinyl to play on my Crosley!

I’m asking for a simple picnic basket to bring with me to the park. I imagine filling it with charcuterie essentials, and a bottle of wine on a sun-filled spring day, while meeting up with friends.

During quarantine I purchased a Nintendo Switch to help keep myself entertained and I have to say, it’s my favorite gaming console on the market. I play mine every day, whether I’m seshing Super Mario Odyssey or Animal Crossing New Horizons. While the joycon controllers come with the system, I’ve been wanting to get an actual controller for my console. This bluetooth Animal Crossing themed one is not only the cutest thing I’ve seen, but would be an awesome accessory to have.

Ever since I got my fur baby Pepper two years ago, I ask for gifts that I know she’ll love. She is my everything and deserves the best! I’ve been wanting to get her a new cat tree, so she has somewhere to sleep, play, and lounge while I’m at work. This cheetah print one with a built in scratch post is the perfect size for her, and the aesthetic is adorable.

A corset top has been on my fashion wishlist all year. This revamped Victorian-style has been trending for the past few years. While asking for a Vivian Westwood corset would be far-fetched, I found a cute dupe by Mussecco. I envision wearing this top with high-waist vinyl pants and chunky platform boots.

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