Monday Music Roundup: May and June Releases You Can Jam to All Summer Long

Monday Music Roundup

Monday Music Roundup: May and June Releases You Can Jam to All Summer Long

Summer is the ultimate season for music lovers. An insane amount of new music leading up to, and continuing throughout the summer means that a quiet moment is rare for me. Here are some of the newest releases that deserve your attention as you brace yourself for what’s to come. Happy listening!

For Sunsets


Mac Demarco // This Old Dog

Favorite tracks on the album: A Wolf Who Wears Sheep’s Clothes, Moonlight on the River

Mac Demarco’s newest release, This Old Dog, will instantly remind you of the soft acoustic sounds of surf rock. It’s fitting that this the first album he’s released since moving to Los Angeles. Emotional, and deep at times, this album will suit you best if you want to relax.

For Driving


Kendrick Lamar // DAMN.

Favorite tracks on the album: PRIDE, DNA, HUMBLE.

The lyrics and meaning run deep in this one. At this point, Kendrick speaks for himself. Although I don’t have a car, travel time is for listening to new music, because I need to pay close attention for the first listen. Although, I highly doubt you’ll only listen to it once.

For Jamming


Harry Styles // Harry Styles

Favorite tracks on the album: Sweet Creature, Two Ghosts,  Carolina

A mixture of ballads and catchy rock anthems, Harry Style’s new self-titled album will certainly catch on with the fans that have followed him throughout his career. Even when part of the boy band, One Direction, Style’s filled the role of the raspy-voiced bad boy. Still, this album is a defining debut for Styles’ as a solo artist, and very unique to anything we’ve ever heard from him.

For Vibing


SZA // Ctrl

Favorite tracks on the album: Love Galore, Doves In the Wind, Drew Barrymore

SZA’s beautiful voice works perfectly with her alternative but smooth R&B style. She explores themes of insecurity, and shame but also empowerment and love. It’s only a few days old, as I write but I think you’ll start to hear a lot of these tracks on the radio.

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