What I Loved in April

A collection of things I loved in April, from beauty products and fashion to entertainment and everything in between. A few weeks ago I tried placing an order from my favorite vegan restaurant, Café Gratitude. Sadly, I learned that all of their locations are currently closed because of COVID-19. The following day I saw an ad for Territory Foods on my Facebook feed and it showed that they were collaborating with Café Gratitude. Their website featured dishes similar to my favorites (“Bueno” Mexican Bowl, “Fortified” Tempeh Grain Bowl, “Powerful” Coconut Yogurt with Amazonian Superfood Granola, and their “Cheesy” Macaroni) which are pre-made and ready inRead More →

A List of Beauty Tips + Tricks For When You Can’t Leave Home

We’ve come up with a comprehensive guide featuring our favorite at-home beauty tips and tricks. These are simple and straightforward things you can do while you’re stuck inside, like safely removing lash extensions, and toning brassy hair. We’ve also included our favorite products that will help get you through this quarantine, like the ideal root touch up, our go-to self-tanner, and a lash perm kit. Touching Up Your Roots 1. 2. 3. It’s been over a month now, so those dreaded roots are most likely growing in full force (and that’s okay). However, If you make the decision to touch up any regrowth, there areRead More →

25 DIY Crafts That Will Keep You and Your Family Busy

When sheltering in place was announced over a month ago, I told myself I wouldn’t sit around and get nothing accomplished. Aside from writing, spending time with Billy, and working out, I wanted to touch on my creative side—something I rarely have the time to do. I began looking for DIY crafts and discovered 25 that are ideal no matter what your living situation is. From artistic projects and cooking kits to painting and tech, you can do these activities solo, with your significant other or roommates, or with your family. *This article contains some affiliate links. Kristie Woszczyna Envelope Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter SpotifyRead More →

The Best Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Listening to podcasts has been one of the things getting me through these unusual times. I’ll tune in when I’m in the shower, have them playing in the background while I’m writing or doing homework, and I especially love listening when I’m taking a walk or working out. There are so many topics ranging from politics to true crime to music. If you’re ready to step into the world of podcasts or if you’re looking for more suggestions to entertain you, I’ve devoted hours to discovering the best podcasts and these are six of my favorites. My mom recommended 2 Dope Queens to me aboutRead More →

45 Things You Can Do To Make Self-Quarantining A Little Easier

There’s no doubt this is a challenging time and self-quarantining shouldn’t add to the stress. Whether you’re staying inside with your significant other, multiple family members, or you’re solo—here are 45 things you can do to make the most out of it. Taking A Moment For Yourself Keep a quarantine diary. Jotting down your thoughts can help relieve stress, and years from now it will make an excellent read. You can also use the time to reflect on your favorite childhood memories and write about those. Set aside time for yourself. If you’re home with multiple family members, find an hour a day to escape.Read More →

150+ TV Shows To Stream During This Crazy Time

Last week we shared our recommendations on 125+ movies to watch while you’re stuck inside. This week we’re giving you even more options; we’re talking about our go-to TV shows and where to stream them. Plus, we took it a step further and devised a list of every (good) TV show that’s currently on Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Prime, and Showtime. These series are helping to get us through this nightmare!  Xo.Kristie Kristie’s List I started watching Shameless on Showtime this past November, but perhaps I should have started sooner. Throughout the years I’ve heard so many things about the Gallagher’s and how this dysfunctional familyRead More →