What I Loved in September

What I Loved in September, 2020: NYC sunsets

What I Loved in September

A collection of things I loved in September, from beauty products and fashion to entertainment and everything in between.

Sure, the streets of New York City look a lot different than they did pre-Covid, but spending a few days here (in couldn’t-ask-for-better- weather) has been a completely different experience. Billy and I have been able to get around the city a lot easier since it’s less crowded than what we’re used to. 

Whenever I’m vacationing in the city I make a point of stopping in my favorite candy store, Sugarfina. (I love their colorful confections so much, I created a V-Day charcuterie board a few years back.) This time around I tried their Rose Tea Bears and Ciao Bella Cherries, and then I got a few of my favorites, Sugar Lips and Aphrodite Strawberries.

What I Loved in September, 2020: Cricut's Explore Air 2 and EasyPress 2

I was gifted the Cricut’s Explore Air 2, their EasyPress 2, and a bunch of accessories that go with each machine. I can’t begin to express how excited I am to get to work making fall and holiday-related decor and gifts (which I’ll touch on in future posts and share with you guys some of my creations). 

The Explore Air 2 can cut through over 100 materials, from leather, to stickers, to iron-on patches. The machine has Bluetooth capabilities so you can create and cut from your phone. It comes with 100+ free images to use and over 50 design ideas. You can also upload your own photos, making this the ideal machine if you want to sell your own art or craft unique stuff. 

The EasyPress 2 is perfect for transferring images onto t-shirts, mugs, pillows, tote bags, and more. It works super-fast (in 60 seconds or less), giving you “I just bought this” results. I’m going to use Explore Air 2 for printing and cutting my designs and then use the EasyPress 2 so I can bring them to life by placing them on a blank canvas.

For inspiration, I’ve created a Pinterest board with a ton of DIY projects that I can make with my Cricut.

What I Loved in September, 2020: Watching The Home Edit

I’ve been infatuated with @thehomedit ever since I discovered Clea and Joanna’s Instagram. Since then, I’ve been regularly checking their page and getting inspired by their rainbow organizational technique that they bring to life with each assignment. When I heard that they were getting their own show on Netflix, I couldn’t wait to watch it. So far, I’ve seen the first episode which features one of my favorite actresses, Reece Witherspoon. Seeing these two powerful business women take charge, while organizing their clients places makes me want to get to work on organizing my own. They also have a book that captures their innovative process—The Home Edit Life: The No-Guilt Guide to Owning What You Want and Organizing Everything.

What I Loved in September, 2020: Making a vegan chai latte

On the East Coast the days and nights are starting to get cooler. The first night that it dipped down to 45 degrees reminded me of when I used to drink chai tea on a brisk fall evening. I’m trying to limit my dairy intake so finding a vegan option was a little tricky, but untimely I stumbled across a chai latte mix by The Pelicann. This one is infused with plant-based protein, hemp seeds, and omegas. You can sip it hot or cold, but this time of the year, I’m drinking it hot. I mix it with almond milk and it’s insanely delicious. Best of all, each cup is only 150 calories, so I don’t have to feel guilty about drinking it regularly.

Top 10 Songs of The Month
  1. Public Enemy Number Won – Public Enemy –  ft. Mike D, Ad-Rock, Run DMC
  2. I Wanna Be Where You Are (Underboss Remix) – Lord Finesse
  3. Indoor  – Rick Leon James & Illa J
  4. Be Mine – Ro James 
  5. 5 – Max Leone
  6. The Business – Tiësto 
  7. Lost in Translation – The Neighbourhood 
  8. Cold – Chris Stapleton 
  9. Cotton Candy Lemonade – Blu DeTiger
  10. Don’t Say Goodbye – ALOK & Ilkay Sencan ft. Tove Lo

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