Trick or Treat: Our Favorite Halloween Candy Shops in Los Angeles

Trick or Treat: Our Favorite Halloween Candy Shops in Los Angeles

If you’re gonna splurge on sweets this Halloween then definitely make it worth your while. Stop by one of the many Halloween candy shops in Los Angeles to stock up on some unique and delicious treats. Just because you’re to old to trick or treat, (we won’t judge you if you decided to throw on a mask and hit the streets), it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge! These exquisite candy shops have some very grown up (and fancy) treats like gourmet chocolates, gummies, popcorn, rice crispies, orange hot chocolate, and champagne truffles! Keep them for yourself or give them out at your Halloween soiree. For those of you that can’t visit these candy stores most of these delicious confections are available online, so put the basic bitch candy down and pick up some of these charming goodies instead!

Spooky Sweets 3PC Coffin Candy Bento Box

Sugarfina $29.95

Bakery Favs Brownie Gift Tin

Fat Witch | $39

“Rollin Wit My Homies”  Pumpkin Mallow Pop

Dylan’s Candy Bar | $9

Candy Corn 

Jelly Belly | .69

Compartes x Kelly Wearstler BIJOU Chocolate Bar

Compartes Chocolatier | $12.95

Halloween Sweet and Sour Bag

Sockerbit | $8

“Boo-gie Nights” Green Apple Popcorn

Dylan’s Candy Bar | $4.50

Wack-O-Wax Candy Fangs

World Market | .90

Crispy Dream Set of 3 Rice Crispy Cakes (S’Mores, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Plan & Sweet)

Lolli and Pops | $15

Halloween Ice Cube Tray with Gummy Eyeballs

Target | $4.50

Orange Hot Chocolate Witches Brew Cauldron

Dylan’s Candy Bar | $10

Mega Candy Buttons

Dylan’s Candy Bar | $5

Laica Mesh Bag Of Milk Chocolate Skeletons And Ghosts

World Market | $3.99

Tokidoki ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Chocolate Bar

Sweet! Hollywood | $7.99

Chocolate Covered Mini Donuts

Chocolate Covered Company $39.95

Sugar Skulls 

Sugarfina | $7.50

Bat Bar 

Valerie Confections$10

10pc Signature Petite Cookie Set

Dylan’s Candy Bar | $9.60

Vampire Teeth Jar 

Sockerbit | $9.95

Champagne Ghosts

Teuscher $15.95

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