My Top 10 Apps and How I Apply Them To My Everyday Life

Top 10 Apps

My Top 10 Apps and How I Apply Them To My Everyday Life

In a world where we must stay connected to keep up, you can find me with my phone super glued to my hand. Such a Millennial thing, right? My iPhone is an essential part of my everyday life because it assists in keeping me organized with my day-to-day tasks. Apple recently dropped a new component called Screen Time which allows you to look at how long you’ve been on your phone and what apps you use most. You can view the detailed activity reports by each day or each week. Currently, my weekly report has the excess screen time of 5 hours and 8 minutes. Has this discouraged me from being on my phone? Not one bit. Here are my top 10 phone apps that I use most frequently to get through life.

Instagram is my favorite app on my phone and the one I spend most of my time on. It’s helpful in my daily life because I use it to gather inspiration for new collections that I’m designing. I have two accounts; personal (xonara), and business. I use my personal account to keep my followers updated on what I’m doing, what I‘m wearing, and where I’m going. I also enjoy seeing what my friends and family are up to. My business account is used strictly for fashion and I only follow fashion labels. For someone in an innovative industry and whose life revolves around fashion, Instagram has opened up a whole new world and allowed me to discover new brands, trends, and influencers. I also appreciate this platform because you can use it as a business engagement tool and connect with people globally.

Right now theses are my favorite accounts I’m following: @rumineely@modaoperandi, @r29style, @coveteur, and @arianagrande.

Recently I’ve gotten into podcasts and frequently tune into to them while I’m working or stuck on the 405. I love how there’s such a variety available. Whether I’m searching for something informative, educational, or entertaining—I can find it on the app. Currently I’m enjoying My Favorite Murder, Criminal, and Ted Talks Daily. Eventually I would like to start listening to a French podcast in order to refamiliarize with the French I learned in school. I’m always looking for new podcasts, so if you have any suggestions comment below.

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I check This Am by Refinery29. The app covers what’s currently being talked about in world news, politics, entertainment, and fashion. When you log on, you’re greeted with “8 things to know this am” which presents the 8 most discussed news stories of the morning. I like the apps clean and easy to use interface because all I have to do is scroll down and if a story intrigues me, I click on it.

If it weren’t for Google Maps, I wouldn’t be able to get around L.A. I use the app just about every time I get into my car. After I enter my destination, the app will let me know what my ETA is. After trying a number of various traffic apps, Google Maps has become my go-to because it bases the directions on the most practical route, rather than other apps that take you into the heart of traffic.

I just wrapped up a 30 day hot yoga challenge, and I booked all my classes through the Sweat Yoga app. As soon as I log on, the class schedule for the upcoming week is available. It advises you who the instructor is, gives a short description of the class, and tells you know the length of the class. One of my favorite features is that I can book my classes for the entire week ahead. When I set them up in advance, I’m less likely to miss a class. Another aspect I like is that it allows me to keep track of all the classes I attend. This helps to keep me motivated—especially when I’m doing a yoga challenge.

Before I head to an unfamiliar restaurant, store, or venue, IYelp” it to check the reviews and learn about the spot. The reviews are essential because if I read a ton of negative ones I’ll choose a different location. I like having access to menus, parking information, photos and being able to make reservations all in one app. Before heading to a new brunch spot, I’ll flip through the user submitted photos and search for the most aesthetically pleasing plate, and that’s what I’ll order.

I usually come home late at night and the last thing I want to do is cook. Luckily I reside in a neighborhood with a plethora of restaurant options so there is constantly something to choose from. My favorite places are Hollywood Pizza Cafe, Lemonade, Cafe Gratitude, and Veggie Grill. The simplicity of the app, the rapid delivery, along with the variety of restaurants and cuisines makes this one of my favorite apps. They‘ve also become great at offering promotions and free delivery from certain restaurants. I also love when do they specials based on holidays or just to celebrate a rainy day. If you‘ve  never used Postmates before you can get a free delivery by applying my referral code (T8YC).

I use both Uber and Lyft, especially on the weekends when I don’t want to deal with parking. After moving to a new apartment with only street parking, I have relied on both to avoid the inconvenience of having to move my car every time I go somewhere. The reason I have both installed on my phone is to measure the difference in price fluctuations. At times, one app will cost considerably more than the other for the same ride. When I‘m traveling to LAX, I use Lyft because they partner with Delta Airlines and reward riders with Skymiles for using the service to the airport.

I realize it sounds ridiculous but I hate taking my wallet out of my purse. Apple Pay makes my life easy because I can pay with the simple double click of a button and face id. I use it at the gas station, Sprouts, and just about any restaurant that has adapted the service. Just don’t get too comfortable and think every location offers it. I made that mistake at Ralph’s and left with no groceries!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was giving up my daily Starbucks drink because I was spending more money there than I should. I still however, like to reward myself from time to time with an iced coffee. Since I’m constantly on the go, I rely on their mobile ordering feature. During the work week, I send my order as soon as I’m off the freeway. By the time I arrive I go up to the counter and my drink is ready. I love it because I get to beat the line and make it to work on time. Another beneficial element of the app is that it keeps record of your stars and member status. Whenever you need a caffeine fix, the app will show you the closest Starbucks based on your whereabouts.

What are your favorite apps? Comment below. 

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