Throw Shimmer, Not Shade – Frank Body : Shimmer Scrub

Throw Shimmer, Not Shade – Frank Body : Shimmer Scrub

Frank Body is known for their signature coffee scrub and it gets a major facelift with the new Shimmer Scrub. For anyone who loves unicorns, fairy’s and something that Lisa Frank would sell, the holographic packaging should make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Before its official release on May 1st, Fashionista reported that the wanted glitter scrub already garnered a 50,000 person waitlist.

It’s infused with salt and sugar, with roasted and ground coffee beans that also include vitamin E oils that will highlight your body and leave your skin feeling moisturized and smooth. Perfect for when you want to shine bright like a diamond.

Luckily you can buy the Frank Body Shimmer Scrub for $19.95 at right now and begin to “throw shimmer, not shade”.



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