The Athletic Apparel I Can’t Get Enough Of

The Athletic Apparel I Can’t Get Enough Of

The Athletic Apparel I Can’t Get Enough Of

While I’ve recently jumped back into working out full time and rejoined a gym (after taking almost a year off), there were a few things I needed in terms of athletic apparel. The week before I planned to return, I went through my drawer where I keep all my gym clothes. As I sorted through my leggings, shorts, and tops, I realized most of it was over a year old and looked like it had been through a lot. I turned to one of my go-to brands and stocked up on a few essentials, which I’ve highlighted below. There’s just something about getting new workout attire that motivates me to want to head to the gym. 

Tops: Usually my go-to workout tops are Nike tanks. I choose ones that have an oversized fit and can also double as a street style look. I bought this “who says woman was not meant to fly” basketball jersey in black and I loved the cut and texture so much that I ended up purchasing one in white, too. Then, for $18, I tried to get this  tank top in all four colors but gray and red were sold out, so I went with baby blue and white. The fabric is lightweight and breathable but it’s not too sheer. 

Jackets: With warmer weather coming, I wanted a lightweight jacket to throw on during a run or to wear when I’m leaving the gym in the evening. I discovered this windbreaker and chose it because the neutral colors will go with almost anything, plus it’s weightless, making it easy to fold up and put in my gym bag. It’s still too cold to wear it, but I can’t wait to put it on this spring with my matching track pants.   

Bottoms: Usually, I wear leggings. I own a ton of pairs from various brands like Z by Zella, Alo Yoga, Nike, GapFit, I could go on and on. Wanting to switch up my workout style, I decided to try a pair of black track pants (which are sold out except for size S), but here’s a similar version. I love the fit, the breathable fabric, and how comfortable they are. In the future, I plan on buying more in different colors.

Sports bras: Most of my sports bras are from GapFit; they’re soft and breathable, which are two important factors when choosing the right one. This time, however, I switched it up and went with Nike (like almost everything else I’ve purchased recently). I chose a non padded medium support sports bra in magic ember, black, and white. They’re super comfortable, don’t ride up and the material is thick but not too thick. 

Sneakers: Over the last few years, I’ve developed a sort of sneaker obsession. From casual to street style, to running, my closet has quite the collection. I look for sneakers that are going to hold up well when I’m lifting weights or when I’m outside pounding the pavement. For running, I chose these Downshifter 10’s. They’re breathable and flexible, and because they’re solid black means they hide any dirt. When I’m working out in the gym, I wear my Air Max Bella TR 3‘s. They have a supportive foam cushion that’s ideal for circuit training and weight lifting, and I love the white and black with orange accents. 

Accessories: For years now, I’ve wanted an Apple Watch but couldn’t justify the hefty price tag. After going back and forth, I researched in detail what it can do to support me in achieving my fitness goals, and how it can help me to become the healthiest version of myself. Seeing all the capabilities of the Series 6 allowed me to rationalize the splurge. (I’ll be documenting how my watch has impacted my fitness objectives in the near future). 

A few other workout related accessories that I take with me to the gym or on a run… This “New York or Nowhere” baseball cap. I actually received it this Christmas and I wear it when I’m outside and going for a jog since it blocks the sun from hitting my eyes. A time stamp (dishwasher safe) water bottle. I was searching for one that would allow me to open it without having to unscrew the cap. (I wanted to limit my hands from touching anywhere near where my mouth would go.) These weightlifting gloves are comfortable and prevent calluses from forming, and the gel grip allows me to grasp the weight without worrying about it slipping. I keep these resistance loop bands in my backpack and pull them out on leg day. For transporting my essentials to and from the gym, I use a mesh backpack that looks exactly like this one. Because of the fabric, my stuff is able to get air and breathe.

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