Super Bowl Party Planning

Super Bowl Party Planning

Planning any kind of party can be stressful, whether you’ve been planning to throw a Super Bowl party since the Playoffs, or you just decided to have your friends over last minute, the key is getting away with the minimum but making it look like you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. Here are some tips along with planning the perfect game day outfit you can rock this Sunday.


Super Bowl Party

Cheese Board: This is great because all it takes is a trip to the grocery store. There’s no cooking or baking involved. Cheese board – Bed Bath & Beyond.

When preparing a cheese board select a variety and serve at room temperature.:

  • Hard, Medium and Soft Cheeses: Pecorino, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Jarlsberg, Brie and Blue Cheese.
  • Fruits: Orange slices, dried apricots, figs, grapes
  • Veggies: Celery, carrots, broccoli, Greek olives,
  • Meats: Prosciutto, Salami
  • Nuts: Almonds, candied walnuts, cashews
  • Breads and Crackers: French baguette sliced, and a variety of Carr’s Crackers
  • Miscellaneous: Pretzels, honey, jams, mustard, dips

Drinks: Mix in a cooler colorful sodas, wine coolers, and beer. I like Jones Soda Co., Corona, Twisted Tea, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Izze, and Stewarts. Note: If children will be attending, separate the alcohol from the non-alcohol. Run out of booze during the game? Download the Saucey App to have drinks delivered in under an hour. Ice bucket – Bed Bath & Beyond.

Cheeseburgers: Who doesn’t love In-n-Out? Instead of cooking for your guests, pick up a bunch of cheeseburgers and animal style fries. Don’t have an In-n-Out in your area? Check food delivery services such as Postmates, GrubHub, Eat24, and Caviar beforehand so see what will be available on game day.

Sweets: You can add these cupcake topper from Glitter Design Co. to cupcakes you can pick up at the bakery, or make your own, which according to Business Insider is the most popular snack during the Super Bowl in the State of California. Adding football cookies from Cousin Cookies will get you bonus points.


Super Bowl Party

Unless all of your guests are fans of only one team, it’s best to represent both. I chose the color scheme of red, white and silver because it symbolizes both, and I wanted to show that you can make a Super Bowl party “girly” by adding decor with glitter and silver foil.

  1. New England Patriots Balloon – Oh Baby RSVP, $7
  2. Red Balloons – Party City, $4
  3. Silver Straws – Castles and Cupcakes, $4.54
  4. Silver Stars Paper Cups – Castles and Cupcakes, $4.54
  5. Silver Balloons – Party City, $5.99
  6. Silver Paper Plates – Twigs and Twirls LLC, $5.96
  7. Red Sparkle Tablecloth – Art White Pear, $27
  8. Atlanta Falcons Balloon – Oh Baby RSVP, $6
  9. Referee Cozy – Party City, $2.49
  10. Silver Star Confetti – The Craft Gala, $3.95
  11. Printable Commercial Bingo Cards – Kit Patricia Lira, $6.49
  12. Mini Trophies – Party City, $6.99
  13. Glitter Football Centerpiece – Enchanted Frog Events, $14
  14. New England Patriots Napkins – Windy City Novelties, $1.89
  15. Silver Star Napkins – Party Supplies by PPS, $6
  16. Atlanta Falcons – Windy City Novelties, $1.89
  17. Star Balloon Weight – Party City, $2.49



Super Bowl Party

  1. New England Patriots Super Bowl Tom Brady Jersey – NFL Shop, $115
  2. Wildfox ‘Less Monday More Sunday’ Hoodie – SHOPBOP, $148
  3. New England Patriots Play Call Fleece Jacket – Mitchell & Ness, $150
  4. Converse Silver Sneakers – Nike, $65
  5. New England Patriots Striped Beanie – Kohls, $20
  6. Halogen Jersey V-Neck Top – Nordstrom, $32
  7. J Brand ‘Maria’ High Rise Skinny Jeans – Bloomingdales, $158.40
  8. J. Crew Striped Cotton Top – Net-A-Porter, $80
  9. One Teaspoon NO. 2s Shorts – Revolve, $107
  10. Dior Silver Nail Polish –, $27.99

Super Bowl Party

  1. Blank Denim Moto Jacket – SHOPBOP, $148
  2. Levi’s 501 Denim Shorts – Revolve, $60
  3. Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl Matt Ryan Jersey – NFL Shop, $115
  4. Hidden Black Distressed Skinny Jeans – Bloomingdales, $116
  5. Tom Ford Beauty Red Nail Polish – Orchard Mile, $36
  6. Adidas Sneakers – Kohls, $65
  7. T by Alexander Wang Striped Shirt – SHOPBOP, $140
  8. Atlanta Falcons Striped Beanie – Mitchell and Ness, $24
  9. Wildfox Seeing Stars Sweater – Wildfox, $198




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