My Summertime Bucket List: 25 Things I Plan To Do Before The Season’s Over

summertime bucket list

My Summertime Bucket List: 25 Things I Plan To Do Before The Season’s Over

We’re almost a month into summer which got me thinking about what I’ve done so far this season…

But it also made me think about all the things I would still like to do but haven’t had the time. I decided to create a summertime bucket list in the hopes of being able to complete these 25 activities before September comes along and it’s all about pumpkin picking and caramel lattes.


Watch some favorite summertime movies like Now and Then, Summer of Sam, and Very Good Girls.


Go in the jacuzzi at night.


Spend a Sunday trying new food at Smorgasburg LA.


Attend an outdoor concert or music festival.


Spend a day at Paradise Cove or Zuma Beach.


Switch up my workout and go on a hike instead.

summertime bucket list

Get a new tattoo.


Ride the ferris wheel and eat funnel cakes at the Santa Monica Pier.


Invite friends over for a Saturday pool party complete with music, food, and drinks.


Make homemade popsicles.


Pick fresh flowers and display bouquets throughout my apartment.


Get lost in a beachside read.


Visit a botanical garden.


Plan my next vacation.


Build a bonfire on the beach and make s’mores.


Create my own signature cocktail to serve at my next soiree.


Find a new brunch spot.


Spend a Sunday shopping at a local Farmers’ Market or a flea market like The Rose Bowl.


Make something for dinner that I’ve never made before.


Ride a bike in Venice.


Buy some wall art and hang it in my apartment using the gallery formula.


Spend a night in with no Internet and play a board game instead.


Ride the swan paddle boats at Echo Park Lake.


Put on a boho dress and head to Topanga Canyon for the day.


Learn some new photography skills while photographing Los Angeles.

For more fun things to do and see, check out my guide to LA—Part 1:  Where to Sleep, Sip, and Shop, and Part 2: Where to Dine, Sightsee, Workout, and Get Pampered.

What’s on your list of things to do this summer?


  1. I definitely want to attend a farmer’s market before the summer ends and try to do an outdoor workout. These are all really fun ideas!

    1. Thank’s Simone! I haven’t been to a famers’ market in a while and I really want to get some fresh produce and make a delicious meal! <3

  2. Jacuzzi? Definitely trying that one out. I love the sensation.

  3. I love the idea of a summer bucket list! My list this summer mostly includes home improvement projects, but I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ooh some great things on your list here! I don’t have a summer list yet as it’s winter in Australia but some of these will be perfect for us 😀

    – Jackie (Organised Mum Life)

  5. I’m itching for a new tattoo as well and have been debating getting one before the summer is out. I already have 10 but I have so many ideas for new ones!

    Thanks for sharing! x


  6. Great post! Summer goes way too fast and you can easily miss opportunities to enjoy the season. I live in NY and summer always seems to be the shortest season of the year. Thanks for some great ideas to add to my own bucket list. I better get on it.


  7. Love this! Especially attending music festivals 🙂

  8. A dessert festival sounds amazing! That’s now on mine haha! Thanks for the great idea!

  9. Cute list. I love the idea, might come up with a few now for me & my family to do over the summer 🙂

  10. I love this! I recently just created a summer bucket list on my blog as well! Such a great idea to change it up and explore this summer:)

  11. These all sound like super fun ideas! You made me wonder about what things I want to make sure to do before summer ends!

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