Tips, Tricks, and Resolution Ideas To Start The New Year Off Right

start the New Year off right

Tips, Tricks, and Resolution Ideas To Start The New Year Off Right

January 1st gives us the opportunity for a fresh start. We think about the changes we want to make and pledge to do things differently in the year ahead. Whether you’re looking for New Years resolution ideas, or just some simple changes you want to make to your everyday life, here are some things that you can do to help start the New Year off right. But first, lets go over what you can do to ensure that you’ll stay on track with your new and improved self.


  • Create a list of what you want to accomplish, then check back in each month to review your progress.
  • Studies show that setting smaller goals (rather than larger ones) are easier to fulfill.
  • Tell your friends and family what goals you want to accomplish in 2018. Saying it out loud will help you to be more serious and successful when trying to achieve them.

Resolutions and Goals:

  • Turn your phone off for an hour each day.
  • Try not to eat after 9pm, which can affect your sleep cycle.
  • Start a journal. Make a commitment to write in it a few times a week.
  • Incorporate more fish into your diet. Omega-3s help fight against heart disease, help you sleep better, and improve your IQ.
  • Try intermittent fasting, which can help with weight loss, protect against disease, and improve metabolic health.
  • Instead of capturing the moment on your phone, enjoy it by just being there.
  • Go for a lunchtime walk, which can help you lose weight, improve your mood, and boost your Vitamin D.
  • Cut back on drinking. Your wallet will thank you.
  • Buy a cookbook and use it a few times a week to make a healthy meal from scratch.
  • Take a hot bath. Setting the temperature at 104 degrees will burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk.
  • Plan a date night once a week.
  • Turn the TV off and play a board game instead.
  • Volunteer your time at a homeless shelter, or working with animals.
  • Make a commitment to go to the gym a few times a week. Need some motivation? Find a gym buddy.
  • Let go of toxic people and relationships. There’s no room for them when you’re trying to better yourself.
  • Take a scenic road trip up or down the coast on PCH.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Prepare your meals each Sunday, which can help you save money, and time. You’ll also be consuming less calories.
  • Cut back on your use of social media.
  • Switch out soda for water, pressed juice, or coconut water.
  • Don’t feel guilty saying no” when you’re busy.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and say “yes” to things that may scare you.
  • Take a class and learn a new skill, while meeting new people.
  • Learn how to mediate, which can improve your mood, lessen anxiety, and increase your brain’s gray matter.
  • Stop eating fast food.
  • Create a new Spotify playlist. Press play when you need some motivation to clean or hit the gym.
  • Call more, text less.
  • Plan a vacation, even if it’s something you can’t do right away. It will motivate you to start saving.
  • Learn how to go to bed earlier so you won’t wake up tired.
  • Get up an hour earlier and have some “me time.”
  • Instead of binge watching Netflix, pick up a book to read before bed.
  • Incorporate more salads and greens into your diet.
  • Start a winter sport like snowboarding or skiing.
  • Declutter your computer. Delete old emails, organize your folders, and trash what you no longer need.
  • Plan a girls night once a month.
  • Buy some cute folders and organize all of your documents.
  • Increase your IQ and your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
  • Be conscientious of others and be more punctual.
  • Start a new hobby.
  • Spend more time out in nature. Go to the beach, take a hike, visit the mountains or a waterfall.
  • Stop procrastinating and tackle tasks head on.
  • Try to meet new people and try new things.
  • Step up your skincare regime to slow down the aging process. Add serums, try a light chemical peel, and start using a derma roller aka microneedling.
  • Start a blog for fun or to share your knowledge with others.
  • Respond to emails as soon as you wake up, rather than putting them off.
  • Clean! Weed out your closet, drawers and under your bed. Donate or toss what you no longer use or need.
  • Learn how to cook some vegan dishes.
  • Create a daily mantra.
  • Track your steps. Get a FitBit (you can also use your phone), and make a goal of taking 10,000 steps per day.
  • Ask your doctor what supplements you can take to boost your overall health.
  • Make a plan to get out of debt in 2018.
  • Get organized. On Sundays, create a weekly to-do list.
  • Book a spa day or create an at home spa experience.

What tips and tricks do you have to start the New Year off right? Comment below!

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