Spending The Day Shopping in Olde Mistick Village

Spending The Day Shopping in Olde Mistick Village

Spending The Day Shopping in Olde Mistick Village

If there’s one thing I love, it’s discovering an old-fashioned general store. The kind that sells homemade fudge, honey sticks, and a variety of popcorn flavors. I also love exploring and supporting small businesses that sell one-of-a-kind items. The other day, my family and I visited Olde Mistick Village in Mystic, Connecticut which is about a 30 minute drive from my family’s beach house in Westbrook, CT. This was a place I grew up going to every summer, so it brought back a ton of memories.

We spent the day walking around the cobblestone streets, browsing the little shops, and sampling tasty treats. I highly recommend putting time aside to visit if you’re ever in the area. Below, I’ve outlined a few of my favorite spots within the village. One place that’s missing is Deviant Donuts. My mom showed me their Instagram the day before and I was dead set on trying one of their colorful and delicious-looking confections. However, by the time we arrived, they were sold out. I’m counting down the days until I visit again. This time, I’ll make a point of getting there a lot earlier in the day.

Cloak and Wand in Olde Mistick Village

Cloak and Wand was my first stop of the day and the shop I was most excited about. Billy and I split from the rest of my family (they visited later on in the day) and we waited in line to get in. Once inside, we discovered a variety of books on spells, witchcraft, and wizardry. They also had magic wands, potions, jewelry, and various mythical merchandise. 

Aside from the colorful products, Cloak and Wand is known for its unique and fun atmosphere. As you enter, there’s a “witching tree” which is said to offer protection; a “dark corner” that carries dark magic items; a “haunted portraits gallery” (some of the photos move); and a ”potion bar” where you can customize your own hot or cold elixirs. Then add extras like sparkling fairy dust, caffeine energy boosts, marshmallows, chocolate pieces, whipped cream, nuts, herbs, and flowers.

Franklin's General Store in Olde Mistick Village

With its old school woodwork and vintage-inspired items, walking into Franklin’s General Store transports you back to the colonial days. They carry over 7,000 products so my family and I clearly spent what seemed like hours going from isle to isle. Every time I thought I’d seen it all, there was a new area to check out. 

When it comes to food, whether you’re looking for something savory to add to your latest recipe or serve at your next gathering, you’ll find a variety of spices, sauces, dressings, dips, mustards, popcorn, and more. Then, there are a ton of sweet items like pancake mixes, nut butters, jams, syrups, and plenty of vintage style candy, chocolates, and roasted nuts to snack on. Franklin’s General Store is known throughout New England for their variety of mouthwatering, homemade fudge. They have 36 different flavors and rotate them based on the month and season. When I visited in July, s’mores was their flavor of the month and during August it will be orange cream.

There’s an overwhelming amount of delicious food options, but they also have a vast selection of old school games and toys, books, holiday ornaments, and potpourri. If you’re searching for a gift, you can find handcrafted items that will perfectly represent your time in Mystic and this quaint little shop. I’m already planning on curating a holiday gift basket and filling it with essentials to create the ideal New England breakfast.

Pop on the Block in Olde Mistick Village

As soon as I entered Pop on the Block, I was surrounded by colorful gourmet popcorn that lined the shelves from floor to ceiling. Front and center there was a table where you could sample various flavors. Which ones stood out? Blueberry Lemonade, Everything But The Bagel, Cheesy Jalapeño, Sugar Cookie, and PB&J are a few. This women-owned business has over 50 different types and no matter which you choose, it will be full of flavor. There are other items available for purchase like kernels and seasonings, popcorn pizza’s, serving bowls, pre-made gift baskets, and tons more. Later on this summer, I’m planning to host a movie night so I’ll be stopping back in and picking up a variety of flavors to serve my guests.

Sofia's Mystical Christmas in Olde Mistick Village

To say that Sofia’s Mystical Christmas has an enormous selection of holiday decorations would be an understatement. There are so many it would take hours upon hours to view each one. I can say that no matter what theme your tree is, you’ll be able to find some gorgeous editions here. Some motifs that stood out were the food, sports, animal, cartoon, career, retro, and musical ornaments. 

This shop has another area called Bestemors which carries imported goods from different countries. I scooped up this hand-painted blue and pink wooden flower-shaped box to display in my beach house bedroom. It blends seamlessly with my beachy bohemian decor. What else caught my eye? The assortment of cookies, butters, and biscuits from places like the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, and other European countries.

The Boardwalk in Olde Mistick Village

The Boardwalk has two areas. The first serves up quick and delicious carnival eats like funnel cakes, deep fried Oreos, nachos, and fried pickles. The other area is where you’ll find a ton of cottage chic and coastal gifts that will beautifully represent your time spent at the Connecticut shore. There’s also lots of jewelry, art prints, books, postcards, and figurines, all with an ocean theme. Then, they have a vast lineup of children’s toys and games, old school candy (I stocked up on flavored honey sticks), and fun random things like a mini LED lighthouse I purchased for evenings on the beach after the sun goes down.

Becca Rose in Olde Mistick Village

I could have spent a lot longer at Becca Rose but it was my last shop of the day and my family was ready to leave Mistick Village in search of finding a place for dinner. (We visited on a Monday and most of the eateries closed at 6pm.) Before leaving, I purchased a meowgical cat sticker, a pink sky glazer pin, and a birthday sparkler candle and as I was walking out, I spotted this wish pillow and a purr mermaid pin. I got back in the long line to purchase them which was well worth it because I’m in love with everything I bought.

This holistic boutique has something for just about everyone. There are healing stones and crystals, magic and spiritual books, aromatherapy and candles, natural bath and beauty products, cosmic jewelry and enamel pins, along with things like Tarot cards, cleansing, and sound healing goods.  

Aside from Deviant Donuts which I mentioned earlier, there are a few other places I didn’t get a chance to check out. On my next visit, I’ll make a point of having afternoon tea at Alice in the Village, visiting Dharma Jewel for Tibetan and Buddhist gifts, and stopping in Kitch to purchase kitchen and cooking essentials.

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