15 New Beauty Trends to Try This Spring!

New Beauty Trends to Try This Spring!

15 New Beauty Trends to Try This Spring!

When it comes to seasonal trends, I usually put more effort into updating my closet than I do with my beauty routine. This year I did some research and looked for new beauty trends, which lead me to discover so many unique looks I can‘t wait to try. I started with makeup inspiration and fell in love with colorful eyeliner, dewy skin, bronzed cheeks, and rose gold eye makeup.

Next up was looking for new hair trends. My go-to style consists of stepping out of the shower, applying leave in conditioner and serum, and then letting my hair air dry. This creates effortless beachy waves, but I wanted to incorporate some fresh styles into my everyday look. My favorite is the pink wavy hair with crystal barrettes and embellished bobby pins.

When I was researching nail inspo, I reflected on when I had the time to do a gel manicure every two weeks complete with an LED lamp and intricate designs on each nail. As my life got busier, I switched to a simple gel manicure sans LED light—which is less harsh and saves me a ton of time. I thought about finding a balance between the two; how could I do an at home manicure while still taking it up a notch? After finding tons of ideas, I narrowed it down to these five; neon geometrics, pastel rainbow, rose gold ombre glitter, black and tan doodles, and my favorite—splatter nails!

Here are 15 new beauty trends for spring 2019 (along with what you’ll need) so you can easily create the looks yourself.


Bold Purple and Shimmery Gold

New Beauty Trends - Bold Purple and Shimmery Gold

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Minimal Makeup and Gold Highlighting

New Beauty Trends - Minimal Makeup and Gold Highlighting

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Colorful Cat Eye

New Beauty Trends - Blue Cat Eye

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Glossy Eyes and Glossy Lips

New Beauty Trends - Glossy Eyes and Glossy Lips

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Rose Quartz Eyes

New Beauty Trends - Rose Quartz Eyes

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Beachy Volume Braid

New Beauty Trends - Beachy Volume Braid with Scarf

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Say It With Words

New Beauty Trends - Crystal Barrettes and Bobby Pins

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Effortless Waves

New Beauty Trends - Effortless Waves

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Simple Braids

New Beauty Trends - Simple Braids

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Twisted Up Half Knot and A Hair Pin

New Beauty Trends - Twisted Up Half Knot and A Hair Pin

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Neon Geometrics

New Beauty Trends - Neon Geometrics

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Pastel Rainbow

New Beauty Trends - Pastel Rainbow Nails

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Rosé All Day

New Beauty Trends - Rosé Metallic Nails with Glitter

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Intricate Nail Art

New Beauty Trends - Intricate Nail Art

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Splatter Nails

New Beauty Trends - Splatter Nails

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