PR Essentials: I Never Leave Home Without…

PR Essentials: I Never Leave Home Without…

Working in fashion PR, I never leave home without my essentials. All of these things are either in my work bag or in my desk. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve needed each and everyone of these. Here’s the list…

1. Post-its. I’m always jotting down notes on these, sticking them all over the office. I buy them in bulk. Post-it® Notes, $20.99

2. Safety Pins. We do a lot of photoshoots and sometimes the clothes don’t fit the models how we’d like. These come in handy in hiding that. $2.49

3. Laptop. I bring my laptop to work and all my work is done on it. It makes it easier then using an office computer since I do a lot of work at home too.  MacBook Pro, $1499.00

4. Planner. Here’s where I keep all my appointments and dates to remember. 2017 Centennial Stripe Pocket Journal, Henri Bendel, $48

5. Umbrella. I work in the fashion district and walk to work. It rarely rains in Los Angeles, but when it does, a cute umbrella is a must! Kate Spade “Rain check” Umbrella, $37

6. Tide To Go. Sometimes we get clothes returned from stylists with small stains on them, making it not worth going to the dry cleaners. Dab this stick and it saves time and money. Tide® To Go Instant Stain Remover, $5.79

7. Hand Sanitizer. I shake a lot of hands. Purell®, $2.99

8. A Second Planner. Because I always manage to mess up the first one by June. Henri Bendel 2017 Tech Girl Planner, $78

9. Business Card Case. Not just for work, but this is always in my bag. I try to network a lot. The coffee house, the club, my friends friends. It’s LA and everyone is a potential client, or knows someone that could be. Kate Spade New York Women’s Card Holder, $50

10. Highlighters. I highlight everything! Returned pulls, missing items, call this person, email that person…it keeps me organized and showcases my OCD. Ha Integra Pen Style Fluorescent Highlighter, $13.39 

11. Cell Phone Charger. I could bring a boring charger with me, but why? Kate Spade Cell Phone Charger, $12.99

12. Thermal Mug. I love this one. My apartment has a coffee/tea/espresso machine in the lobby, I fill up on my way to work everyone morning. Kate Spade Gold Stripe Mug, $17.64

13. Colorful Pens. Again, I could have some boring Bic pens, but lifes to short for that. Kate Spade Pen Set, $20

14. Rubber bands. There’s never enough rubber bands in the office. $10.00

15. Nail Polish. When we have photoshoots or events, we tell the models to wear nude or clear nail polish. Some listen, some don’t. This is for those times. OPI Clear Top Coat, $10 & OPI Samoan Sand, $10

16. Nail Polish Remover Pads. Again, for those times… I like nail polish pads, they get the job done and don’t make a mess. 6 Kleancolor Wizard Pads with Cuticle Oil, $8.61

17. Elastic Hairbands. For photoshoots, or when I forget mine. eBoot Clear Elastic Bands, $6.99

18. Faux Eyelashes. Because photoshoots call for them.  Luismia Reusable Eyelashes, $6.29

19. Paperclips. Makes things easier for everyone. Office Depot® Brand Paper Clips, $.75

20. Pencil / Pen Case. I throw this in my bag so they don’t get mixed up with everyone else’s pens and pencils. Kate Spade Pencil Pouch, $30

21. Ballpoint Pen. I like a good quality pretty pen to have around.  Kate Spade “Something To Write Home About” Ballpoint Pen, $36

As you can see I’m a huge fan of Henri Bendel and Kate Spade for my office supplies, as well as Amazon and Office Depot. Some of the things on my list are a bit “pricey,” but you can find awesome stuff to keep you organized on sites like EtsyMacy’s, and Diaso. Diaso doesn’t have an online shop, but if you live in the west coast, chances are there is one near you. They have the best notebooks, pens, beauty supplies, decorations, stuff for the home, I could go on and on. The best part is EVERYTHING is $1.50! 

What are your must have office products? Where do buy them?



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