My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

When I was in my teens, I’d go into a shopping mall and stock up on fast fashion. I thought that spending $100 and getting multiple items was absolutely amazing. After years of wearing my new purchases once or twice and having them rip or shrink, I began to rethink my approach to shopping. In my early 20s, I transitioned away from fast fashion and into good quality clothing and accessories that would last a long time. For basic or trendy items that will be out of style the following season, I still shop at places like Zara and H&M because I value their quality. When I’m looking to invest in wardrobe statement pieces that I’m planning on wearing for years to come, I’m a lot more particular. Here’s a look at some of my favorites along with style suggestions and where you can purchase similar pieces.

Statement Jackets

My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

A bold statement jacket can elevate a simple outfit. I look for details that make the piece standout, like beading, embellishments, texture, and, of course, a flattering silhouette. Before I make a purchase, I envision the various ways in which I can incorporate it into my wardrobe (with denim, out for cocktails, over a dress, with athleisure, etc). I try to be sure that I’ll get enough wear out of it (especially if it’s on the pricier side).

1) Opening Ceremony varsity jacket, (similar version and a more affordable option).

2) Topshop moto jacket, (similar version).

3) Blank NYC white moto jacket, (same designer).

4) Chaser embellished crop jacket, (same designer).

5) Vintage Calvin Klein silk jacket, (similar version).

How to style: with athleisure, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and stilettos, silk cargo pants, or over a sundress.

Versatile Flats

My Wardrobe Statement Flats and How I Style Them

During the fall of 2019, I was looking for a shoe I could wear with my dresses in Las Vegas. I wanted something in between a sandal and a boot, so I chose these Gucci mules. At first they weren’t too comfortable (it’s definitely not a good idea to break in shoes while on vacay)! Now, after plenty of walking in them, they’re my go-to when I want to slip on a pair of flats and look polished. From cropped dress pants and denim to skirts and dresses, I don’t own a pair of shoes that can conform to so many different styles. 

1) Gucci mules, (more affordable option).

How to style: with a printed dress, graphic t-shirt, straight legged jeans, or with a cardigan.

Retro Bell Bottoms

My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

Most people have a favorite type of pants style that flatters their body shape. For me, it’s a perfectly fitting pair of bell bottoms. It doesn’t matter if they’re printed, velvet, floral, embellished, or a basic denim wash—when I slip them on, I envision life in the 1960s and 1970s. My style inspiration from Dazed and Confused and Boogie Nights, films that are known for their costume design just as much as their plot. I love wearing bell bottoms with retro t-shirts, sweaters, bodysuits, and platforms.

1) Show Me Your Mumu bell bottoms, (same designer and a more affordable option).

2) Alice + Olivia bell bottoms, (more affordable option).

3) Free People velvet bell bottoms.

How to style: with a bodysuit and platforms, a sweater, or a statement jacket.

Functional Handbags

My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

In my early 20’s I purchased my first designer handbag (the Louis Vuittion Speedy). Although it’s been years since I’ve used it, I’ve held onto it because it was the first expensive purse I bought on my own. I try to take good care of my handbags and I’ve even sold a few on the resale market. I regard them as investment pieces that I can profit off of later on. Aside from the color, print, fabric, and size, the main thing I consider before I splurge is how multifunctional will it be? If I’m going to pay a lot of money, I want to know that I’m going to get plenty of use out of it. 

1) Rag & Bone crossbody.

 How to style: with a mini dress, a floral maxi skirt and bodysuit, or with bold prints.

Everyday Sneakers

My Wardrobe Statement Sneakers and How I Style Them

I tend to go for styles that stand out while also matching the majority of my wardrobe. For designer sneakers, I gravitate towards neutral shades with my favorite being my Golden Goose Super-Star sneakers. The monochrome tones are subtle enough to incorporate into almost all of my outfits (denim, midi skirts, joggers, etc), but the glitter gives them a little something extra. With more affordable brands like Nike, Converse, and Vans, I’ll choose bright and fun colors to liven up my outfits (especially my gym gear).

1) Nike Air Max 90, (similar version).

2) Golden Goose sneakers, (similar version and a more affordable option).

3) Golden Goose Superstar glitter sneakers, (similar version and a more affordable option).

How to style: with joggers and an oversized denim jacket, a metallic sweater and denim, or athleisure.

Designer Belts

My Wardrobe Statement Belts and How I Style Them

During the colder months I love pairing denim with a cozy sweater or distinctive blouse. I tuck it in just enough to display my belt which ties the outfit together and gives it a finished look. I opt for timeless over trendy and usually go for black leather with gold or silver hardware. Right now, my favorite is the Gucci belt my parents got me for Christmas. Although it’s expensive, it’s a wardrobe staple that I’ll be wearing for years to come.

1) Gucci belt.

2) Rebecca Minkoff studded belt, (same designer).

How to style: with straight legged jeans or bell bottoms and a bodysuit.

Loungewear + Athleisure

My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

I love dressing up, but my everyday style is a lot more laid back. Loungewear and athleisure have been a part of my wardrobe since before the pandemic. I can never have enough comfy pairs of statement joggers that I can wear around the city. They’re versatile in the sense they can be worn with combat boots, sneakers, and even stilettos. Some of my favorite athleisure labels are P.E. Nation, Wildfox, Nike, I Am Gia, Adam Selman, AllSaints, and Departure.  

1) Departure First Class sweatshirt, (similar version).

2) P.E. Nation hoodie, (more affordable option).

3) P.E. Nation Joggers, (more affordable option).

4) Adam Selman sweatpants, (almost sold out, here’s a similar version and a more affordable option).

How to style: with a winter coat, an oversized tee and denim jacket, Timberlands, or denim shorts.

Combat Boots

My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

This fall, I searched for a pair of combat boots and decided on Doc Martens. I tried them on with different pant styles (denim, sweats, and leggings) to make sure I liked how they look. (They added an edgy 90s vibe to just about everything.) Throughout the fall and winter, they’ve been my most worn shoe and I’ve received a ton of compliments on them.

1) Doc Martens

How to style: with faux leather leggings, or a sweater and deconstructed denim

Dress Pants

My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

I love a classic pant silhouette that can transform from day to night. I pay attention to the material, the length (I prefer a slight crop), color and print. In general, I love colorful shades, however, for pants I gravitate more towards neutrals, blacks, and darker hues because they go with more.

1) Blank NYC faux leather pants, (almost sold out, similar versions here, here, and here). 

2) Pam & Gela silk cargo pants, (similar and a more affordable option).

How to style: with a black blouse or a faux leather jacket.

Unique Jewelry

My Jewelry Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

My favorite jewelry pieces can be broken down into a few different categories. There are the ones that have a sentimental value, like the promise ring Billy gave me from my favorite jewelry designer, The Last Line. There are the unique costume pieces I’ve acquired over the years. They’re too bold to wear every day, so I save them for special occasions. Then, I have my everyday jewelry that I’d be lost without.

1) Henri Bendel gold and silver stud earrings.

2) House of Harlow 1960 ring, (same designer).

3) VidaKush palm tree ring.

4) 8 Other Reasons hoop earrings, (same designer).

5) The Last Line rainbow pavé ring.

6) Miss Wax “To Live and Die in LA” necklace. 

7) Tarina Tarantino necklace, (same designer).

8) The M Jewelers Cuban link ID bracelet, (same designer).

9) VidaKush bracelet, (same designer).

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