My Go-To Instagram Travel Accounts For Planning A Trip + Stunning Photography

My Go-To Instagram Travel Accounts For Planning A Trip + Stunning Photography

My Go-To Instagram Travel Accounts For Planning A Trip + Stunning Photography

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick day trip to an unknown city or a 14 hour flight to an exotic country; I love doing both. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Italy, Ireland, and Mexico, but I have more places on my bucket list that I can’t wait to see. With the pandemic under control and having spent the previous year locked indoors, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to vacation next. My dream is to travel the world while experiencing each country’s culture, cuisine, traditions, fashion, and daily way of life. Lately, I’ve been finding myself spending more and more time scrolling through Instagram travel accounts that feature colorful vacation photos with recommendations on where to stay, what to eat, and things to do. Here are my top 10 IG accounts which will make you want to book a ticket to an alluring destination ASAP!

@earthpix encourages people to explore unique areas, learn about different cultures, try new foods, and be kind to everyone. This Insta features beautiful imagery from some of the most breathtaking places. Here you’ll find photos of mountains, beaches, cities, and landscapes from continent to continent. There’s so much inspiration on things to do, like paragliding in San Diego or eating breakfast on a scenic cliff in Thailand.

The name says it all. @beautifuldestinations is a community of travel influencers that share the world’s most stunning destinations, hotels, food, fashion, and excursions. The photographers know how to make you lust over each location with captivating images and videos.

The gorgeous feed @theprettycities showcases photos from various cities throughout the world. You’ll find unique architecture, kitschy homes, snow-covered streets, cozy cafes and seasonal shots like spring florals and autumn arrangements. You can think of this one as a place to scroll through when you want to discover hidden gems.

My Go-To Instagram Travel Accounts: @sunnylifeaustralia

@sunnylifeaustralia’s Insta is filled with soft dreamlike photos from places like Ibiza, California, Bondi Beach, Spain and various tropical destinations. They mix it up, also sharing their fun summer essentials like towels, pool floats, beach bags, water bottles, and even scuba gear. After I spend a little time on their account, I dream of jetting off to Hawaii for a week in the sun.

My Go-To Instagram Travel Accounts: @travelandleisure

While Travel + Leisure’s website is known for detailed articles that cover things like where to vacation, travel tips, and vacation planning, their IG account is full of gorgeous images that showcase dream destinations from around the world. The awe-inspiring photos are a mix of their own and their followers photography (you can tag #TLPicks for a chance to be featured). I’m constantly saving their mesmerizing photos to my “dream vacations” folder.

My Go-To Instagram Travel Accounts: @graymalin

@graymalin is an insanely talented travel photographer who captures the most dreamy-like pictures from all over the world. His photos are then turned into limited edition prints and lifestyle products like candles, games, home decor, books and more. As I plan to move very soon, I’m going back and forth on choosing a print for my living room (there are sooo many to choose from). This is one of my favorite travel Instagram accounts because his images mentally transport me to another destination and they stand out for being unconventional and uniquely creative.

Whenever I’m planning a trip, I’ll head to @showmeyourmumu because I love their innovative take on travel combined with their laid-back vacation wear. They showcase influencers, models, and customers wearing their boho clothing (which you can purchase here). With colorful bikinis, sundresses, “bells” (as in bell bottoms), rocker tees, and matching sets, it’s one of my favorite shops for vacation apparel.

My Go-To Instagram Travel Accounts: @migrationology

If you’ve ever wanted to see what food from different cultures looks like and watch videos on how it’s prepared, @migrationology is the ideal account to follow. Food blogger, Mark Weins travels with the purpose of trying food from every culture imaginable. His IG is aesthetically pleasing and features unique local foods and ingredients from diverse places across the globe. I get hungry every time I stop by his page.

The duo behind @wearetravelgirls (@BeckyvanDijk and @VanessaRivers) aims to “inspire, connect, and educate female travelers” through tips, packing and city guides, and hotel recommendations amongst other things. It’s the perfect account to follow if you’re looking to plan a girl’s trip or even a solo vacay.

When it comes to finding new and exciting things to do in California, I turn to @lifehacksla. It’s the ultimate guide for the best of L.A. and constantly posts recommendations on art, food, places, day trips, beaches, and activities. Not only are the images gorgeous, they feature spots that most locals don’t even know about.

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