My Tips for Managing Life on a Busy Schedule

managing life on a busy schedule

My Tips for Managing Life on a Busy Schedule

No one ever told us “adulting” was going to be this hard. Managing life on a busy schedule can be difficult, especially  when life always seems so hectic. My job in fashion takes up 95% of my life and sometimes it feels like I don’t even have time to eat, much less have a social life! I constantly have to remind myself to take breaks and not take life too seriously. I’ve come up with seven different strategies that I’ve learned over the years, and they’ve helped to keep me balanced and centered. These tips are easy to follow and you’ll soon notice a change in how you deal with works stressful situations.

Stay Organized: Keep a Planner

With so much going on, your mind becomes cluttered with all the tasks you must complete. I find keeping a planner, especially a cute one helps me to stay focused. I usually list tasks in order of urgency. I also like to note major events so I have something to look forward to. It is a rewarding feeling when I get to cross off completed tasks.

Say Yes to a Social Life

managing life on a busy schedule

The weekends are my only days off. I am typically exhausted from the work week and cannot even begin to think about weekend plans. I have to remind myself that I also have a social life to tend to. Time with friends, family and significant others is just as important as your career. They are also the greatest form of support. My favorite place to unwind after a long stressful work week is at The Bungalow in Santa Monica.

Relieve Stress by Exercising 

managing life on a busy schedule

Exercise is one of the greatest forms of stress release. Whenever I am stressed I like to hop on the treadmill and turn on my favorite workout playlist. Yoga is also a great way to release stress because it targets the mind, body and soul to create an overall feeling of well-being. I have been engaging in more yoga lately. Also, kickboxing or any form of martial art practice is great if you have some major stress to release.

Do Not Overcommit

managing life on a busy schedule

Learn that it is okay to say NO!  A majority of stress is caused from the desire to accomplish multiple tasks during a specific time frame. Saying “no” does not mean you’re going to let anyone down. By overcommitting, the chances of you inaccurately completing the task increase. If my desk is covered to the point where I can’t find it, I know it’s time to call it a day. It’s better to put aside the work and save it for a day when you are not overworked.

Treat Yourself

managing life on a busy schedule

Reward yourself for your hard work! It is okay to spoil yourself when you’ve completed something difficult. Rewarding yourself doesn’t necessarily have to be materialistic. It can be as small as eating that chocolate croissant you’ve been craving, binge watching your favorite tv show, or going on a nature walk. I like to treat myself by heading to Nespresso, going on a shopping spree or even going on a solo beach trip where I can sit and relax and take in the stunning views around me.

Take a Nap and Eat Some Carbs

managing life on a busy schedule

Sounds strange to encourage nap but taking a mini siesta in the middle of the day can actually be very beneficial. By taking a nap as short as 15 minutes, your body becomes re energized and your attitude and creativity levels are boosted. I love taking a 30 minute nap during my lunch break. When I wake up I feel like I just slept for a few hours. I am in a better mood and ready to take on the rest of the day. While we’re on the subject of making ourselves feel good, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to some junk food. I try to stay away from indulging on carbs, so when I really want to reward myself I’ll order a pizza and enjoy it with a nice glass of wine. It’s okay to cheat on your diet every once in a while.

Get Off Your Phone

managing life on a busy schedule

We live in a society where we are always on our phones but sometimes we just need to disconnect. I am guilty of constantly checking my phone, but honestly it stresses me out more than anything. I become too caught up on social media and what everyone else is doing, or why people are not responding to texts. My phone also prompts me to constantly check my work email when I’m off the clock and that adds more stress to look forward to. I’ve found that putting my phone on do not disturb is one of the best features iPhone has, and turning it off works too! After a hectic day, you deserve at least 2 hours to yourself where you can sit down and unwind without having to communicate with anyone.

How do you manage a busy schedule? Comment below!

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