Kristie’s Holiday Wish List: 15 Things She’s Asking For This Year

Kristie’s Holiday Wish List: 15 Things She’s Asking For This Year

Kristie’s Holiday Wish List: 15 Things She’s Asking For This Year

Each November I look forward to creating my Christmas wish list, which signifies the start of the festive season. This year, the holidays are going to look a whole lot different, but I’m trying to keep a few of the same traditions in place. One of these is curating a list of items that I’d love to unwrap on Christmas morning and sending it to my immediate family. Here are 15 things that I’m asking for this year. 

PS: Although Christmas is fast approaching, there’s still time to shop our themed gift guides. A lot of items featured offer 2-day shipping or in store pick up.

I binge-watched The Home Edit on Netflix, knowing that I would be moving to a new apartment. It gave me a ton of suggestions on how to organize my cabinets and closets, like purchasing acrylic storage bins. Because the show provided me with so many useful tips, I asked for The Home Edit book for more organizing advice.

A few months ago I purchased a pair of Rag & Bone boots but they were too small. I attempted to buy a size up but they were sold out everywhere. Then, I spotted these edgy black All Saints combat boots which I added to the top of my holiday wishlist. They’d be perfect for walking around the city in this winter and I could wear them with mom jeans or wide-leg trousers.

I came across this oversized deconstructed cold shoulder sweater back in September and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. While it comes in a variety of pretty tones, my favorite is the cobalt.

I’m obsessed with all things Aesop, so this Christmas I’m asking for a bottle of their Resurrection Aromatique hand wash to place on the kitchen sink. I’m looking at it as a way to celebrate me and Billy’s new apartment.

For a few years now, I’ve had my eye on a Gray Malin print. After carefully studying each gorgeous and colorful photo, I decided that I’d ask for one from a place I’ve visited on the East Coast. I narrowed down my choices to Ballard’s Beach in Block Island or East Hampton.

From the essence of fresh florals mixed with spring rain water, to the rainbow holographic bottle, I adore everything about Overose’s Nudesse candle. I’d love to light it this spring to signify the changing of the seasons.

I love dressing up an otherwise plain outfit with a pair of eccentric sunglasses. These cat eye frames from Jimmy Choo feature standout crystal accents, and the best part they were originally $570 and now they’re on sale for $120!

This tie-dye jumpsuit reminds me of a vibrant summer sunset. I can picture paring it with white sandals and a white handbag for a quintessential date night outfit at the beach.

Ever since Covid, the amount of lounge pants and sweatshirts I own has grown dramatically. These Atoir sweatpants say “apparel for social distancing” which is perfect for the upcoming cold winter when staying indoors and watching movies is a rite of passage.

Life in NYC is a lot different than it was in L.A. For starters, there are days when I leave my place in the early AM and don’t return until dark. I’ve realized that carrying a cell phone charger around and having to locate a coffee shop is inconvenient (especially with Covid) and time-consuming. That’s why I’m asking for this portable lipstick powerbank. It’s small so it won’t take up a lot of room in my already stuffed handbag, and I won’t have to waste time finding somewhere to charge my phone.

To say that I’m infatuated with 1970s New York City would be an understatement. I’ve always loved reading and watching documentaries about the glamorous disco era (my favorite is Studio 54, which examines the rise and fall of the iconic nightclub). I discovered the book Studio 54: Night Magic by the Brooklyn Museum and added it to my wishlist. It’s filled with photos of the legendary nightclub, and I’d love to add it to my coffee table book collection.

The vivid colors of these hoop earrings scream summer getaway. I can picture wearing them with a solid but bright colored sundress while strolling the cobblestone streets of a seaside New England town.

In our new place, our bathroom vanity is super small, so I’ve been looking for a mirrored vanity and light up mirror where I can apply my makeup. Both of these gorgeous pieces go with the gray and silver aesthetic of our bedroom.

Right now Sunday Riley is my go-to skincare brand, so I’ve asked for their AM Kit or their Superstars Kit. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which of the two I receive because each is packed with their coveted clean beauty best sellers.

This simple black sweatshirt features a positive message with a colorful rainbow (something I’ve been obsessed with lately).

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