15 Interesting Stories Worth The Read

Interesting Stories 10-27-19

15 Interesting Stories Worth The Read

Start your week off right with these interesting, inspirational, and funny news stories. 10-27-2019

1. This December you can have lunch in Stars Hollow and relive your favorite memories of Gilmore Girls.

2. How to spot fake beauty reviews.

3. How #GirlBoss Lo Bosworth built her beauty brand, Love Wellness

4. The art of small talk with co-workers. 

5. What is an Enneagram, and why you should learn about your number.

6. Six leadership books you will want to read to get ahead in 2020. 

7. Various ways you can prolong the life of your iPhone

8. Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the year 1990.  

9. Elevate your space with these 14 cozy fall candles

10. How to get a full eight hours of sleep + a list of essentials that can help. 

11. Are you sabotaging your career by making one of these five resume mistakes?

12. If you’re late in planning a Halloween costume, here are 6 ideas inspired by True Romance, Taxi Driver, and the cast of Euphoria

13. Workout motivation: people from all over the world give inspiring reasons for why they run.

14. 100 days of instant pot recipes that are perfect for autumn evenings. 

15. Looking for ideas on where to travel next year? Here is Lonely Planet’s top 10 places to visit in 2020

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