15 Interesting Stories Worth The Read

Interesting Stories 4-15-19

15 Interesting Stories Worth The Read

Start your week off right with these interesting, inspirational, and funny news stories. (4.15.19)

1. Mark your calendars! Big Little Lies season 2 returns on June 9th, and the trailer is FINALLY here!

2. ULTA is having a mega spring sale! You can get a ton products for up to 50% off and for as little as $2 dollars!

3. Couldn’t make it to Coachella and have FOMO? Tune in next weekend to catch weekend two’s live performances—it’s not as good as being there but at least you can watch it as it happens.

4. Nasty Gals Girlboss Rally is coming back to Los Angeles this June; sign us up!

5. The queen of tidying up, Marie Kondo dishes on her daily routine.

6. After a weekend of indulging, this “Power Hour Meal Prep” looks like a great way to begin the week on a healthy note.

7. What is Aquafaba and why is it a must in so many vegan recipes?

8. The photograph everyone was talking about this past week, and the technology used to create it. #BlackHole

9. This Arts District Firehouse from the 1920s is opening up as a boutique hotel today, and the rooms are named after colors.  

10. Hollywood has a new rooftop bar and the views are stunning!

11. Dirty Lemon and Vogue teamed up to bring us an immune-boosting, antioxidant tonic made for drinking in the sun.

12. Can’t decide what to bring to Easter dinner? Check out these 11 delicious looking side dishes from Brit+Co. PS: Guests will ask for seconds.

13. Los Angeles (and fans across the world) celebrated the life of Nipsey Hussle; here’s a look back at the highlights.

14. #MotivationMonday—6 morning rituals that will help you to feel productive all day long.

15. Is a bachelor’s degree really worth it? Three well-known tech companies (Apple, Google, and Netflix) don’t require one; they prefer skills instead. Could this become more common?

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