Giveaway: A Night Out at Howl at the Moon Hollywood

howl at the moon hollywood

Giveaway: A Night Out at Howl at the Moon Hollywood

In February, Howl at the Moon Hollywood hosted a special event that I attended and I want to share my experience with all of our readers here at A Girl in LA. It was such an amazing night full of jaw-dropping entertainment, dancing, and delicious drinks. Howl at the Moon is such a unique hangout, nothing like I’d ever experienced before. You’ll love every aspect of this piano bar and nightclub. Read on, and learn how you can win your own special night at this crazy and cool little spot in LA. You can follow @howlhollywood to see all the fun my friends and I had.

A Night Out in Hollywood

Howl at the Moon Hollywood is a piano bar and nightclub located at the Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles. They truly offer an experience unlike any other. The live show begins at 7:30 and keeps going all night long, with rotating talent and featuring a series of different instruments and interactive showmanship, Howl at the Moon is like a high-energy concert that never ends!

The Atmosphere

You’ll definitely want to arrive earlier than later as there are only so many tables available near the stage. Trust me, you’ll want to be as close as you can when the show starts and when the artists step down off the stage to interact with the guests. The doors to the club open at 7pm, so make sure to reserve your table as early as possible so you won’t miss anything. Guests that do manage to grab a table will also get a waiter to supply them with drinks all night, so there’s no worry about having to get to and from the bar when the place fills up. On top of that, you won’t want to miss a second of the show.

The Vibe

The style of dress ranged from guest to guest. The ladies across from us came after work and were hanging out in their office-wear, and others were dressed up like my friends and I. For the most part, I witnessed a lot of women wearing a cute shirt and jeans. Most of the men were dressed in nice, button-down style shirts, but many were also dressed super casual. The range was vast; I’d say that unless you’re attending a night with a special event, dress in whatever makes you most comfortable, and whatever you feel cutest in.

The Drinks

I got the chance to try the Hurricane, Sex on the Moon, Island Cooler, and Big Apple. I can’t pick a favorite because they were all amazing, and their drink selection includes so much more than these four!

You’ll need a group of friends attending the show with you, because a bucket drink is definitely not going to finish itself. They’re not kidding when the menu says “bucket.” Don’t fret if mixed drinks aren’t your thing. Howl at the Moon’s bar has a wide variety of different beers and wines.

The Show

The variety of music performed ranges from old school rock to modern day pop. The night I went I heard original renditions of Don’t Stop Believing, Brown Eyed Girl, Before he Cheats, and Bang Bang.

I cannot overstate how blown away I was by the multi talented performers. Just when I was admiring a piano duet, the man was jumping up to grab his saxophone! This man played so beautifully, and the brassy sound rang through the club accompanied by his fellow pianist partner. The performing artists were active both on and off the stage. A talented pianist and singer jumped down to mingle with audience members while rapping out a song from the late 90’s. He would prompt audience members to join in on the fun, holding out the microphone so we could all scream-sing the lyrics of our favorite songs. Later on in the evening, a woman gave a captivating performance of Bang Bang and blew the audience away when she sang Jessie J’s solo. Even the servers hopped up on stage to dance and sing along.

This show is all-consuming and high-energy from beginning to end and is truly unlike any other. You will be impressed and amazed at everyone that takes the stage. You and your friends will love singing and dancing the night away to all these original artists’ live performances!

Getting There

Parking is not a problem. When planning your visit, make sure to park in the Jurassic parking garage for the closest access to the club. Parking on the 3rd or 4th floor will land you directly at the entrance. If you arrive after 6pm, parking is only $10. If you or your friends are planning on drinking you should consider taking an Uber or Lyft ride up to the top of the hill. Better safe than sorry, especially since the drinks here are so good and come in…let’s just say, extra large sizes, if you so wish! Howl at the Moon Hollywood is open Wednesday through Sunday from 7p-1:30am, and Monday and Tuesdays for private events.

Special Thanks

This was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a long time, and I definitely plan on returning very soon and referring some of my friends who I know would thoroughly enjoy an experience like this! Special thanks to Howl at the Moon for inviting us at A Girl in LA and to Sam for letting me host this special event. Also to my friends who came out to support the club and the blog.

I hope this overview of my night out at Howl at the Moon Hollywood has gotten you excited enough to plan it into your next night out on the town. Howl at the Moon also hosts all kinds of parties and events; everything from bachelor and bachelorette parties, to corporate holiday events, and to birthdays parties. There are so many great things to experience and enjoy about this place. Don’t just take my word for it! Make your table reservation and jump the line so that you too can howl the night away!

howl at the moon hollywood

Want to win my experience? Howl and the Moon and A Girl in LA are teaming up to offer one special follower the chance to win their own free table ($125+ value) for a night out. Here’s how to enter:

*Sponsored by Howl at the Moon.

XoXo, Casey