Closet Organization: Tips and Tricks That Will Save You a Ton of Space

Closet Organization

Closet Organization: Tips and Tricks That Will Save You a Ton of Space

Being organized is always in style and as we approach each season, it’s time to go through, clean out and repurpose the spaces that we use for storage. Closet organization can help you find items easier and faster, which will make choosing new outfit combinations a lot simpler, and save you the embarrassment of having a messy bedroom.

We’ve created a list of several little tips and tricks that will help you get clean and organized for the fall season. 

Bags for Every Occasion

As ladies, we often end up with a lot of different bags. We have totes for the beach, clutches for going out, suitcases for traveling, duffle bags for the gym… the list goes on and on! 

Hang multiple bags on this handy black hanger which you can hang in your closet. It saves spaces and will keep your purses organized. A cubicle will also keep your handbags visible and organized. You can place it  on the closet floor or display it as its own piece of furniture. Organize your handbags by color for an impressive display which will help you easily grab the color that you need.

Take Advantage of The Space Under Your Bed

We have all found that even when we go through our closet space with the intention of weeding out the items that we no longer wear or are out of style, there is still only so much we can get rid of. The first step is to figure out what you want to keep and what you want to toss. Organize three different piles which should consist of:

  • Keep – items that you love, fit great and are still in style.

  • Maybe – items that you love but you’re not sure if they’ll still be in style next season; or maybe there’s a small rip but you don’t know if you’ll have the time to fix it or get it to your seamstress.

  • No –  items that you’re 100% sure you’ll no longer wear and rather than trashing them, sell or donate them to one of the many thrift stores in Los Angeles.

If you have space underneath your bed store the “maybe” items as well as the things you want to keep but won’t be wearing this season. When next season comes along, take the clothing out and revisit, “do I absolutely love this and will I wear it?” If the answer is yes, put it back in your closet, if it’s a no, sell or donate it.

Hang It All

Our next tip involves adding extra closet space, because if you’re a woman who loves to shop but doesn’t have a closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s, creating more space can be tricky. Why not purchase a clothing rack and neatly display all your favorites? A good way to do this is by choosing pieces with a variety of textures and patterns. Think leather, metallics, faux fur, bold prints, beaded detailing, lace, silk, fringe, wool, sheer, sequins…anything that’s going to draw the eye in. Skip adding basics like t-shirts, knits, sweatshirts, jeans, and too many solid colors which can make the clothing rack look boring and basic. By doing this you’re now free to add more clothing to your actual closet.

Another option is to start thinking about using one hanger’s space for three or maybe four different items of clothing. Retail stores use this method often when storing extra items in the back before they hit the floor. These hangers have a tiny space at the base where another hanger can be hung through. This works great for clothing that you won’t be wearing this season and can be put in the back of your closet.

Scarves and Belts

Scarves and belts are great accessories but can be hard to find a home for and, If you’re not careful they can make your closet look disorganized.

A great way of displaying scarves is to simply take both ends and pull them through the loop of the center around a standard hanger, or one that’s designed specifically for belts and scarves. It seems like such a simple solution, but it can often go overlooked. Hanging them may make it easier to see them and know what you have to work with, but if you admittedly own too many to count, hidden storage is, again, a great option.

Never Too Many Shoes!

Call us biased for saying so, but we feel like a woman  can never have enough pairs of shoes. As much as we love them, shoes are often the culprit for causing the most clutter in your closet.

Closet Organization

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Figuring out the best way to organize your shoe collection can make a huge difference in the appearance of having a clean closet space. From cubbies to shoe racks, to hanging shoe bins, there are seemingly endless options out there to help you organize your shoes.

Stilettos and sandals tend to draw the most attention and also look the cutest. When organizing, place them in shelves or in cubby holes and consider placing your favorite, most eye-popping shoes near the top and center. This will draw the eyes away from those old, comfy flip flops and bunny slippers you love.

Sparkle and Shine

That’s why sparkly jewelry isn’t meant to be hidden away. It should be neatly displayed and out in the open. Jewelry can be perhaps the most frustrating category of accessories to deal with when it comes to organization. Necklaces can get tangled, earrings can get lost, sunglasses can get scratched, and so on. The goal is to display these items neatly, which will make reaching for that favorite ring or bracelet easy.

Closet Organization

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Closet Organization

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Closet Organization

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Closet Organization

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Hanging your necklaces is certainly the best way to go, especially since they are prone to getting tangled. Choose a hanging organizer that is sturdy; able to be hung on the wall, or be placed on your dresser. This will insure that your necklaces won’t become your cat’s next favorite plaything.


Bracelets and watches are most likely to stay sane when stored with each other. Consider displaying your bling in glass or plastic boxes that show them off. The end result is very appealing and classy in appearance.


If you own many different rings, you might want to organize them by color or style on a ring bar or in a clear box. Gold, rose gold, silver, jeweled, plain…Different outfits require different styles of rings, and organizing them on a bar will make it much easier to find and grab the one you want.

 Have some organization tips? Share below!

XoXo, Casey

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