A List of Essentials That Are Perfect for Helping with Relaxation

A List of Essentials That Are Perfect for Helping with Relaxation

A List of Essentials That Are Perfect for Helping with Relaxation

Relaxing at home is essential after a long day of work or stress. Treating yourself to a spa night is therapeutic and healing for your mental health. Whether it’s finding new activities to do or using new products, relaxation calls for indulgence. I have leaned on some of my personal necessities when giving myself some me time. Taking a daily walk and yoga have grounded me, while items like rosewater and face masks help me practice self-love. Here are my 15 “me time must-haves” that I can’t live without when I’m taking it easy at home.

1. Binge-watching TV

After a stressful day, binge-watching helps me to relax and unwind. Each day after I’ve accomplished everything I need to do, I reward myself by watching Love Island. Reality shows, while sometimes cringe-y, give me a much-needed laugh and offer escapism from all that’s going on in the world. Getting in comfy clothes, making a bag of popcorn, and sinking into the couch to stream a show or movie has been my nightly relaxation. 

Check out A Girl in LA’s movie and TV show recommendations if you’re looking for something new to watch.

2. Yoga 

Yoga has healed me in more ways than just physical. The emotional and mental health healing it has given me has changed my life for the better. I can’t go a day without doing yoga. It’s such an enjoyable way to grow and focus on bettering myself.

Here’s a list of my five favorite yoga classes to stream. 

3. A variety of music 

I can listen to music any time of the day. However, I love listening to my favorite tunes while painting my nails, doing a face mask, or writing. Dancing in the mirror is also a perfect way to lift my spirits and take a moment to laugh at myself. When I’m feeling a little down, I enjoy this Late Night Vibes playlist featuring artists like Frank Ocean, Tame Impala, and Yellow Days. When I want a pick-me-up, this is my go-to happy playlist featuring fun 90s hip-hop. Some albums I’ve been listening to that have a strong African American voice are To Pimp a Butterfly, ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADDA$, and Revenge Of The Dreamers III

These are the playlists that I’m currently listening to, Alternative Hip Hop, Psychedelic/Indie Rock, Surf Rock Sunshine, Serotonin, and Chill Tracks.

4. Oil diffuser

My oil diffuser has been a savior for winding down at night or staying positive in the day. dōTERRA has so many essential oils to choose from. If you have trouble sleeping, the Serenity Oil has a calming aroma to induce better sleep. They also have a Balance Oil that’s perfect for relaxation and finding some mental clarity.

5. Daily walk or hike

I mentioned how I love taking daily hikes or walks and that it’s become something I look forward to. It’s also a great way to get some vitamin D and exercise. It provides me with some alone time where I can look inwards at the attributes I might want to work on. Being around nature and breathing in fresh air is something I could not live without.

6. Rosewater facial toner 

There’s something so peaceful and rewarding about taking care of your skin. My super affordable rosewater facial toner has become a holy grail product of mine. The rose and aloe are extremely hydrating and soothing. I use this twice a day before moisturizing and it works wonders. The smell of roses is very calming.

7. Dry shampoo 

Now that I have the time, I’ve been trying to heal my extremely damaged hair. To do so, I’ve been washing it every couple of days. I used to wash my hair every other day and I think overwashing contributed to the damage. This COLAB Dry Shampoo absorbs the oils on my off days, leaving no residue.

8. Lip balm 

Having hydrated, smooth, and moisturized lips that feel good is an important aspect of my beauty regimen. I just purchased this passion fruit Eos lip balm and I’m obsessed with it. I find myself constantly applying it because I love the taste and texture.

9. Face mask 

Face masks are the best thing (besides a glass of wine) when having a girl’s night in by yourself. I love this Nurture by Nature Detox mask because it minimizes my pores and makes my skin feel smooth.

10. Back massage machine 

This HoMedics Back Massage Pillow is my favorite TV watching companion. I am constantly sore from exercising or just from being on my computer working all day. This massager is great for loosening muscles and massaging knots. The heat setting also helps me relax before bed. 

11. Hot shower + a waterproof speaker

Taking a hot shower after a long and hectic day is essential. I always keep my JBL Pulse Waterproof speaker next to the shower so I can clear my head while listening to music. 

12. Nail polish 

Nothing is more therapeutic than a DIY manicure and Sephora has some gorgeous nail polishes to choose from. I love their shimmery finishes for an extra splash of glam. It always makes me feel more confident and beautiful when I have freshly painted nails. 

13. Facial sunscreen 

Facial sunscreen is something everyone should use on a day-to-day basis. My go-to is CeraVe because it’s affordable, and it’s moisturizing and soothing while protecting my skin from sun damage. 

14. Hemp balm for muscle recovery

CBD and Cannabis have been all the rage for skincare products and even makeup (and rightfully so!). My hemp balm, infused with THC, is perfect for soreness and muscle aches. The smell alone of the peppermint and lavender can put you to sleep. 

15. Eye mask 

I have issues with sleeping, so eye masks are essential for me. If you’ve been going to sleep at ungodly hours (it’s hard to stop scrolling through Twitter), a comfortable eye mask is essential.

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