Interesting Stories 10-27-19

Start your week off right with these interesting, inspirational, and funny news stories. 10-27-2019 1. This December you can have lunch in Stars Hollow and relive your favorite memories of Gilmore Girls. 2. How to spot fake beauty reviews. 3. How #GirlBoss Lo Bosworth built her beauty brand, Love Wellness. 4. The art of small talk with co-workers. 5. What is an Enneagram, and why you should learn about your number. 6. Six leadership books you will want to read to get ahead in 2020. 7. Various ways you can prolong the life of your iPhone. 8. Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about theRead More →

20 Instagram Accounts That Epitomize The Bohemian Lifestyle

Like most people, when I’m bored, procrastinating, or in search of inspiration I’ll hop on Instagram and scroll through my feed. One theme that tops my list are images that represent living a bohemian lifestyle. Whether it’s style inspo, vintage shopping, travel, mindfulness, crystals, or decor—these 20 IG accounts are where I’ll head to get my daily dose of free spirit imagery, tips, and motivation which helps me live a more carefree lifestyle. In search of more Insta inspo? Here are 10 accounts worth following that feature style, decor, sunsets, and more. And for those obsessed with the 90s, here’s a list of 20 thatRead More →

How To Throw an Elegant Halloween Party

Hosting a party should be an enjoyable affair and you shouldn’t spend a ton of time stressing over the small stuff. Years ago, when I threw my first party I prepared for weeks and spent way too much money. To say I went overboard, that would be an understatement. Since then, I’ve adopted a party planning strategy with specific tasks that help me plan efficiently. It doesn’t matter if I’m hosting a fall soiree or a get together in the middle of the summer, there’s a certain way I go about doing things, and I’ll make a few adjustments depending on the occasion. These areRead More →

Gourmet Halloween Treats That Take Snacking To Another Level

I have nothing against snacking on “fun size” candy bars but when it comes to Halloween, I search for something more decadent. My go-to candy brands are Sugarfina and Dylan’s Candy Bar, but for the month of October I try to sample gourmet sweets from a variety of brands. One of my favorites is indulging in chocolates and sugary snacks that are imported from other countries. There’s just something about knowing that they were handcrafted in Holland like these lollipops, or created in Spain like these gummies. Here are my 15 must try gourmet Halloween treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth.  1. A samplerRead More →

Bell Bottoms and Snakeskin (Plus a Fun Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon in L.A.)

The bohemian era of the 1960s is one of my favorite decades and for the longest time I’ve wanted a pair of perfectly fitting dark wash bell bottoms. This past April I got invited to an Alice and Olivia cocktail party and I splurged on a pair to wear to the get-together. When I tried them on the cut was perfect (too perfect to not purchase), but the length was super-long. Instead of putting them back, I took them to my tailor and had them hemmed for an extra $20 dollars and it was well worth the investment. The day of the party, I wasn’tRead More →