Summer Salads and Pasta Dishes To Make Before The Warm Weather Ends

A Sunday favorite of mine is shopping for fresh produce at a local farmers’ market. Then I’ll head home and cook up a savory dish for me and Billy to enjoy while we watch our favorite Sunday night TV shows (for me, it’s the series finale of The Affair). With summer coming to an end I’ve been taking advantage of the fruits and veggies that won’t be available for much longer. As fall approaches, I’m trying to make as many summer salads and cold pasta dishes that I can. Before I know it, I’ll be researching autumn inspired recipes that call for pumpkin spice, cinnamon,Read More →

Whether you were a baby or a teen—the 90s were the best decade. Maybe I’m a little biased since I grew up at a time that was much simpler. When notes were passed instead of texts, and shopping meant going to the local mall or looking forward to the latest catalog of dELiA*s arriving in the mail. Summer days were spent outside roller skating and bike riding and not inside on the computer. Recently I wrote about my vacations at the CT shore which got me thinking about this time period and how much I miss it. I did some looking around and found aRead More →

Essential iPhone Apps You Should Download ASAP!

For me, part of staying organized is having the right phone apps for every aspect of my life. Whether it’s business, fitness, shopping, photography, or traveling…there’s pretty much an app for your every need. The other day I was sitting on a seven-hour flight—going bored out of my mind—so, I decided to use that time to organize my phone. I deleted all my unused apps and kept the ones I reach for on a regular basis. Here are my essential iPhone apps separated by category, along with what I use them for and how they make my life just a little bit easier. Productivity WhenRead More →

Packing Tips: How To Pack Your Jewelry

I’m often amazed when I hear about women packing lightly, or even watching Billy throw a few essentials into his suitcase the day of travel. I’m not someone who’s ever been able to go on a trip with just a few necessities. This week I’ll be leaving for a three-week trip to the East Coast for a family reunion/beach vacation. About a week before I start to plan what I’m going to bring with me. Packing for a vacation can be very overwhelming. Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of travel miles which has taught me how to simplify my process. Yes, I still “overpack,”Read More →

Summertime Bento Box Ideas For The Pool or The Beach

A few weeks ago I came across an Instagram account (@SchoolLunchBox) that’s dedicated to the art of bento boxes. It features colorful mouth-watering displays of fruits and veggies, and lunchtime snacks. Scrolling through instantly made me hungry. So much so, I went out and purchased a bento box of my own and began looking for unique recipes on Pinterest. Because I’m going on vacation, I thought about how this could be the perfect beach time snack. I found 20 easy to curate bento boxes that are mainly vegetarian or vegan, with the exception of a few for those who eat meat.  Most of these boxesRead More →

East Coast Trip

At the start of the summer, I visited Arizona and now I’m getting ready to head to my childhood home in New England. I’ll be staying in Massachusetts and then vacationing at the beach in Connecticut. (You can read about my summers at the CT shore here.) Aside from spending time with Billy and my family, I’m looking forward to visiting the places I frequented while I was growing up. There are so many, but here are a few that are on my itinerary: a boat ride to Block Island, shopping in Olde Mistick Village, having Sunday brunch at Water’s Edge Beach Resort and SpaRead More →