15 Vogue Beauty Secrets (+ Where To Find All The Products That We’re Used)

15 Vogue Beauty Secrets (+ Where To Find All The Products That We’re Used)

15 Vogue Beauty Secrets (+ Where To Find All The Products That We’re Used)

Here at A Girl in LA, we’re always in search of beauty tutorials and new products to try out. Recently, I spent the weekend on YouTube watching all of the Vogue Beauty Secrets. With over 144 makeup and beauty tutorials to go through, you could say I learned an overwhelming amount of tips and tricks from actresses, models, and it-girls. I narrowed it down to 15 videos, which was difficult since they were all informative. The tutorials on my list include the basics like the best way to apply concealer and achieving the perfect cat-eye, to more involved like how Gwyneth Paltrow gets her glowing skin. To save time, each video begins at the featured tip, but feel free to rewind and watch the full video. When possible, I’ve linked the products used in each beauty session, some of which I can’t wait to test out.

 1. How To Effectively Curl Your Lashes

Before I watched Jeanne’s tutorial, I never curled my lashes. No matter what I did, they remained straight. However, after watching Jeanne do it effortlessly, I tried her tips and was astounded at the results; I finally have lifted and voluminous lashes! She advises on starting with the curler at the root of your eyelashes, then pushing your lashes to the side before clamping down. It’s done in two steps: the first is to hold the curler down at the root. The second part is to squeeze it a little further down (in the center of your lashes). This ensures you have a true curl, otherwise, they will fall flat. This tip is ideal for anyone who’s considering lash extensions. It will give you the same look without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Pro tip: If you’re contemplating lash extensions—try this first!

Product used: Shiseido The Makeup Eyelash Curler, $22

 2. The Proper Way To Apply Concealer

Hailey begins by dotting concealer under her eyes, on her forehead and on dry and red areas. This helps her achieve photoshopped looking skin. Then, she taps it with her fingers, although you can use a brush or a beauty blender. This will cover up dark circles by adsorbing it into your skin, instead of rubbing it off. To achieve her California beachy glow, she then uses bronzer and liquid blush while skipping foundation and leaving her with a luminous look. As someone who has dark under-eye circles (no matter how much sleep I get) I can relate. Applying concealer is one of the most important steps in my makeup routine.

Pro tip: Tap your concealer instead of rubbing it in.  

Products used: Tom Ford Concealing Pen, $54 | Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate, $88 | Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, $62 | similar brush, $40

 3. How To Obtain A Healthy and Effortless Glow

Gwyneth starts with a cleanser, which she uses to take off her makeup. Next, she exfoliates; she swears by this step if you want fresh, youthful skin. She then applies a serum all over by massaging it into her skin. The three products she uses daily are essential to her skincare regime (and luminous skin). Gwyneth then shows us how you can use makeup to achieve a radiant complexion. She lightly applies concealer, bronzer, blush, mascara, and lipstick which gives her a dewy, summery glow. Since I’m a sucker for bright and healthy skin, I’ll do just about anything to attain it.    

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a clean mascara that actually works, Gwyneth recommends Juice Beauty.

Products used: Goop Luminous Melting Cleanser, $90 | Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial, $125 | Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, $185 | Juice Beauty Perfecting Concealer, $25 | Olio E Osso No.6 Bronze, $28 | Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint, $39 | Juice Beauty Mascara, $24 | Kosas Weightless Lip Color, $28

 4. If You Have Sensitive Skin, Try This Beauty Routine

Sofia starts by using a face wash for sensitive skin. Next, she adds a nourishing moisturizer that hydrates while not adding unnecessary oils to her face. She then spritzes a rose facial mist, (which happens to be a product I’m obsessed with), to calm her skin and alleviate redness. Sofia uses a facial massaging tool that vibrates to get the blood flowing, further tightening and contouring her face. She applies sunscreen daily to protect her skin from UV rays. This is particularly important if you’re struggling with skin sensitivity like me. I’m someone with the ill fortune of having to deal with this on a daily basis and I try to avoid harmful chemicals in beauty products. 

Pro tip: Dr. Lancer is her family’s dermatologist, and she swears by his products.  

Products used: Lancer The Method: Cleanse, $55 | Lancer The Method: Nourish Normal-Combination Skin, $125 | Mario Badescu Facial Spray, $12 | Lancer Skincare Dani Glowing Skin Perfector, $80.75 | Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar, $195 | Supergoop! Glow Stick SPF 50, $25

 5. A 5-Minute Date Night Regimen That’s Ideal For When You’re On The Go

Emily uses a full-coverage foundation base, which she blends with her fingers to save time. Then she applies an eyebrow gel to create dramatic, full brows. She then uses highlighter on the spots where the light naturally hits your face like—the tip of your nose, cheekbones, and brow bone. To create a sun-kissed glow, she then applies her blush to the apples of her cheeks and across her nose. She works bronzer onto her forehead and cheekbones to create dimension and a faux tan. As for eyeshadow, she blends neutral browns into the creases and brings it around to her lower lash line. She finishes with a quick swipe of mascara, lip liner, a dab of neutral lipstick, and then tops it off with a shimmery lip gloss. I go to school and work full-time, so I rarely have time to put a lot into my makeup routine. This video is ideal for anyone who wants to appear like they have a “glam” look, but with a limited amount of time. 

Pro tip: Never tan your face. Instead, if your body’s tan apply a foundation that’s a shade darker. 

Products used: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, $44 | Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara, $4.89 | Milk Makeup Highlighter, $15 | Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Colour, $32 | Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Contour Duo, $68 | similar eyeshadow palette, $12 | Glossier Lash Slick Mascara, $16 | Pat McGrath Labs PermaGel “Bare Rose” Lip Pencil, $28 | Marc Jacobs Le Marc “J’Adore” Lipstick, $32 | Path McGrath Labs “Blitz Gold” Lip Gloss, $28

 6. This Nighttime Skincare Routine Is Simple and Effective

Having a nighttime skincare regime is crucial for healthy, full-of-life skin, and Busy shares what she does to get her glow. First, she removes her makeup with cleansing towelettes and a makeup eraser. Then, she massages a gentle cleanser and gets rid of any leftover eye makeup with cotton pads. Next up is toner which she applies on her face and neck. She uses a variety of serums, such as Retinol moisturizer, to brighten and smooth her skin. Next she applies a Retinol eye cream to help with fine lines and wrinkles. Something I’ve never seen before that I need to get my hands on are these “mini-golf club” facial rollers. She swipes in an upward motion to soothe her face. She also uses another type of facial roller to help with toning. Last, is a lip scrub and lip balm to help with dry and cracking lips. If you don’t know what products to purchase or where to start, Busy’s nighttime routine is an ideal one to follow.

Pro tip: Drinking a lot of water will hydrate your skin from the inside out. 

Products used: Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes, $8 | Face Halo Makeup Remover Pads, $22 | Glossier Cotton Pads, $4 | Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Moisturizer, $29 | Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Eye Cream, $29 | Refa Carat Face Roller, $220 | Kopari Coconut Lip Scrubby, $16

 7. Why You Should Sculpt and Not Contour

Everyone wants to have the look of sculpted, strong cheekbones, but it can be tough to contour correctly. I never seem to get it right, but model Joan Smalls gives us her technique to get that born-with-it bone structure. Her first step is putting a yellow-based concealer on the bridge of her nose. She uses a thin brush for better precision and pairs it with a foundation color that is darker her skin tone. She sculpts her nose by applying the foundation on both sides of her nose all the way up to her eyelids. This gives more definition and a natural look. She mixes her concealer and foundation together to further blend the contour and fix any mistakes she may have made. Finally, she uses a powder contour to define her cheekbones. After that, she adds a glow by applying a cream highlighter to the bridge of her nose, her cupid’s bow, under her eyebrows, and on top of her cheekbones. The takeaway: you want to sculpt out the areas you desire definition for with a light hand and lots of blending!

Pro tip: Use a foundation that’s a shade darker than your complexion.  

Products used: Estée Lauder Contour Shadow Brush, $27 | Estée Lauder Foundation Brush, $42

 8. Eyebrow Tricks of The Trade

Everyone says, “eyebrows are sisters, not twins.” While this is true, they are an important step since they define your face. I have a very simple routine for my brows and it’s similar to Kelsey’s. All she does is brush them upwards since she has naturally thick brows like mine. If you were blessed with thick brows, it’s best to do a low-effort look otherwise they’ll appear too intense. Tweezing, clipping, and brushing them is the best way to keep them full and healthy.

Pro tip: Brush upwards with a brow gel.

 9. A Guide To The Perfect Cat-Eye

Cat-eye liner is a classic dating back to the icons Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot. The style never fails to bring glamour and beauty when applied correctly. I have naturally almond-shaped eyes, like Jillian. Therefore, the cat-eye liner helps accentuate and gives the appearance of bigger eyes. However, If you are like me, I am horrible at it and my liner always turns out uneven and messy. This is why I loved hearing Jillian’s tips. First, she starts at the center of her lash line to create a baseline. Next, she applies faux lashes and recommends a black lash glue. Then she fills the line in and creates an upward flick at the end. Using a liquid liner, she further flicks the line upwards and fills it in across her lid making it thicker. She keeps a steady hand while filling in the line, pulling her eye back to get more precision. The finished product is never perfect, so it’s always smart to remove or fix any mistakes with a Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover. To complete the tutorial, she takes the liner down the inner corner of her eye and connects it to her faux lashes which further accentuates the feline-esque vibe. While easier said than done, practice makes perfect.

Pro tip: Have makeup remover on hand to correct any mistakes. 

Products used: similar eyeliner, $21 | similar faux lashes, $24 | Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive Dark, $4.54 | Q-Tips, $7.15 | L’Oreal Makeup Remover, $7.50

 10. Perfectly Imperfect Smokey Eye Tutorial

Smokey eyes are the ultimate sexy makeup style. They’re ideal for going out at night when you want to have an ultra-dramatic and sultry look. There are a myriad of ways to go about doing this, but I love Stella’s go-to technique: perfectly imperfect. She begins with pencil eyeliner and smudges it onto her lid. Then she does the same with her bottom lash line. Smudging it with her finger, she keeps reapplying and blotting to duplicate the smokiness. Once she has her base, she goes in with a shimmery, wet-look gold shadow to place in the middle of the lid. She smudges it in with her finger which helps to decrease the heaviness. She finishes off with eyeliner in the upper and lower water-line and a swipe of mascara. I never think to put a lighter shadow in the middle to lighten the look, and I’m going to try this since my smokey eye always looks too intense.

Pro tip: Smash the liner on with your eye closed and then blink a lot to set it into your water-line.

Products used: MAC Eye Pencil in Coffee, $19 | Pat McGrath Eyeshadow Palette, $125 | Pat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara, $30

 11. Intimated by Colored Eyeliner? Try This!

Colored eyeliner can give you that pop that allows you to stand out in a crowd. It can transform a look from drab to fab. Adwoa shares how she effortlessly adds color to her eyes to construct an iconic look. Starting with a very natural face of makeup, she smudges the bold blue liner in her lower lash water-line. I am absolutely obsessed with the colored eyeliner trend, but I’ve been too intimidated to try it. After watching this video it seems pretty simple. 

Pro tip: Ask someone to help you apply it. 

Products used: Marc Jacobs “Midnight Blue” Gel Eye Crayon, $26

 12. Perfecting The Iconic Matte Red Lip

One of my favorite effortless makeup guises is bold brows coupled with a seductive red lip. Hannah shows us how to perfect the famous lippy by kicking off with a priming lip balm. This ensures your lips are hydrated and won’t crack or appear dry when you’re wearing a bold matte lipstick. She then applies her lipstick carefully, reaching every spot. You can always clean up the messy lines with makeup remover or a Q-Tip.

Pro tip: To soften the edges, press it in with your fingertip which will deplete the harsh lines.

Products used: Lano The Original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm, $16.95 | MAC “Feels So Grand” Retro Matte Lipcolor, $22

 13. How To Wear Neutral-Looking Makeup

Neutral makeup is ideal for those days when you want to keep it natural but still need a little pick-me-up. To start the tutorial, Olivia makes sure her skin is in perfect condition by applying a facial mist, followed by a radiance oil (that she uses in place of a moisturizer). Next, she applies concealer underneath her eyes, and then she fills in her over-plucked eyebrows with a brow pencil. She skips the mascara since she has fake lashes which saves her time. Next, she applies liquid eyeliner creating a subtle cat-eye. She then applies a highlighter to her fingertip and dabs it on her cheekbone and the bridge of her nose. To add a pop of color she applies a pink blush on her cheeks and lips. She ends the simple and fast tutorial with some refreshing lip balm and her facial mist to set in the makeup. This is an effortless style that only takes you a couple of minutes and looks good on anyone. When in doubt, neutrals are the way to go!

Pro tip: Carry individual makeup wipes so you can touch up your makeup throughout the day.

Products used: True Botanicals Calm Nutrient Mist, $28 | Renew Pure Radiance Oil, $110 | similar concealer, $35 | similar eyebrow pencil, $24 | similar liquid eyeliner, $22 | RMS Living Luminizer, $38 | similar blush, $20  | RODIN Lip Balm, $36 || Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes, $24

 14. Achieving Fuller Looking Lips (Naturally)

I’m obsessed with learning tips and tricks on how to make my lips appear bigger naturally. Josephine uses a unique method to plump up her lips. She exfoliates them with a toothbrush to remove dead skin cells, make them swell up, and give them a bright pink color. I will be adding this into my daily routine, and all it takes is a toothbrush.

Pro tip: Using a toothbrush on your lips will not only make them look fuller, but it’s also cheap and easy.

 15. 32 Beauty Secrets In Under 6 Minutes

This short video gives you a summary of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets from celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Hailey Baldwin, and tons more. The focus is on skincare, and it features clips of your favorite it-girls and how they wash their face and moisturize. The video then moves on to cover the use of facial oils and eye creams (with tips on how to gently apply them). Next up is a gadget that makes all the difference, and then a DIY face mask. We see a common thread in all these tutorials—they all have a go-to facial mist or serum that they apply before their makeup. Another common theme is keeping your lips soft and smooth, with each woman showing their favorite lip balm or lip moisturizer. The video ends with how to effectively apply BB cream. 

Out of all 15, which is your favorite Vogue Beauty Secrets tutorial?

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