My Thoughts on A Women’s Right To Choose

In light of the leaked SCOTUS majority opinion draft that was published by Politico a few weeks ago, which essentially declares the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I couldn’t sit silent and not address this. A few years ago, I vividly remember discussing with others that a women’s right to choose could become a lot more complicated. Some disagreed with me and said that Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, (a 1992 decision that upheld Roe) were “settled law”. If Roe is overturned, it means the Supreme Court is saying that the decision should be left up to each individual state, undoing 49Read More →

What’s Inside My Travel Makeup Case + Packing Tips

After taking enough trips from my apartment in NYC to my family’s beach house in Connecticut, I’m finally satisfied with the way I pack my travel makeup case. For years, no matter where I was vacationing, I’d end up bringing way too many products. There were multiple nail polishes (just in case I felt like doing a manicure, of course I never did), a ton of eyeshadows in every color you can think of, and many other products. I finally realized that I would never use most of these, so I simplified my packing and stuck to the basics. Below is a list of theRead More →

I also included all the colorful and sparkly products you’ll need to recreate these bold Euphoria makeup looks.

Ever since Euphoria premiered in 2019, I’ve been obsessed. When season two was announced last fall, I was ecstatic—my Sunday night TV show was coming back after a long hiatus because of Covid! I had so many questions after season one’s ending and, of course, I re-watched it during the pandemic. Aside from the intense and realistic storylines that cover topics like drug addiction, sexuality, domestic violence and friendships (all involving teens)—the gritty drama stands out for its bold take on makeup and fashion choices. Recently, I watched a video where Euphoria’s makeup designer, Doniella Davy explained her thought process for creating the cast’s iconicRead More →

Y2K Home Decor Ideas That Will Give You Instant Flashbacks

When I think of Y2K, I think of a much simpler time. Other than AOL there was no social media or streaming services. Communication was made via pagers and in the year 2000 I got my first cell phone (which was teal and by Nokia). I listened to music by going to the local mall and purchasing CDS or I downloaded songs on Napster and Limewire and made my own playlists. Friday nights that I didn’t spend at a football game or a house party, I spent hanging out at the mall. During this time, I transitioned away from my preppy Abecrombie & Fitch styleRead More →

My Wardrobe Statement Pieces and How I Style Them

When I was in my teens, I’d go into a shopping mall and stock up on fast fashion. I thought that spending $100 and getting multiple items was absolutely amazing. After years of wearing my new purchases once or twice and having them rip or shrink, I began to rethink my approach to shopping. In my early 20s, I transitioned away from fast fashion and into good quality clothing and accessories that would last a long time. For basic or trendy items that will be out of style the following season, I still shop at places like Zara and H&M because I value their quality.Read More →

10 Elegant Cake Recipes That Are Perfect For Springtime Celebrations

Ever since I visited the Flour Shop and tried their famous Explosion cake, I’ve been obsessed with making one of my own. When A Girl in NYC (formally A Girl in LA) had its one-year anniversary, I went out and purchased all the ingredients to commemorate the occasion. Unfortunately, it looked a lot better than it tasted. Since then, I’ve made my fair share of cakes to celebrate Birthdays and just because. This has taught me, like with a lot of things, the more detailed the design, the more practice you’ll need. When looking for a recipe, I look for step-by-step instructions from mixing theRead More →

My Favorite Places To Visit in New York City

When I moved to New York City in November of 2020, not much was open due to the pandemic. I told myself as soon as the mandates were lifted, I’d began exploring the city and that has led me to discover some truly amazing places. Although it’s been a little over a year now and there are so many great spots I haven’t had the chance to visit (yet), I’ve rounded up my favorites so far. From specialty stores to specific restaurant dishes and everything in between, here’s my guide to exploring NYC.  PS: I’m always looking to discover new places so if you haveRead More →

15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Wolf & Badger

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day…or you’re just looking for an excuse to treat yourself, our Wolf & Badger gift guide has a ton of great options. From indulgent beauty products and catchy jewelry, to self-care essentials and cozy things for the home—you will certainly find something she’ll love.  Below are 15 carefully thought out items that are equally as fun to give as they are to receive. 1. Supermodel Lip Bath in Strawberry Strut ($27) My lips tend to get dry, especially during the winter months and this lip bath is the answer! It’s a softening collagen lip treatment/mask plus a balm. Bonus:Read More →

How to Successfully Sell Your Stuff on The Resale Market

When I first moved to Los Angeles back in 2011, I devoted hours to thrifting (these were some of my go-to shops on Melrose and Fairfax). I considered it a weekend hobby where I’d search for a hidden gem to purchase so I could resell it for a nice profit. That, mixed with constantly cleaning out my closet, I’ve learned a thing or two on using secondhand apps to my advantage. Here are 11 tips for selling (and profiting) on the resale market. PS: While this post talks specifically about marketing clothing and accessories, here’s a list of items that may want to declutter fromRead More →

Apartment Searching in NYC (What To Do and What Not To Do)

When Billy and I began apartment searching in NYC, I was dead set on finding the perfect apartment. A place that was huge, had a walk-in closet and a balcony. We were staying at my family’s place in Connecticut so we would come into the city and spend our days going from building to building, only taking quick stops to eat. Each apartment we saw seemed to be smaller than the previous one, and eventually they all blurred together. Our hotel stays were adding up, and we were getting discouraged. To be fair, Billy liked a ton of them. Me, on the other hand—not soRead More →